last quilty post. :) and etc.

Ok..I know this is loooong I appreciate your patience. I feel like my crafty equilibrium is returning to hopefully everything else will too. :)
I hope you can follow along cause this is the only photo I took. :/

Now...we will make the back and get it all ready to ship out.

First you want to iron your completed quilt top...make all the seams nice and flat.
Second, you will want to get it squared up.
I do this by folding it from corner to corner and then trimming with the guide and rotary shown above. You just want your corners to be ninety degrees and the sides to be nice and straight.
Third, you will want to measure your quilt top...then cut a length of your backing fabric that is 12in longer than that. This is because when you ship it out, the quilters want six inches of play on all make sure it is big enough to back the quilt top.
Fourth...cut another the length of the first the two together lengthwise...then making sure the two sewn together pieces are 12in wider than the quilt top you can trim off excess.
Basically you are making a rectangle backing that is bigger than your quilt top by six inches on all sides. Then iron your backing...making the seam flat.
Make sense?

When you send it off...if you are sending it to the Back Porch Quilters, which I HIGHLY recommend, you will need to include a yard of fabric for the binding (edging around the sides)...they will send you back any excess. You can include your batting or just buy it from them.

Once you have that box in the mail...give yourself a pat on the back, eat some chocolate and get started on your next one. Congrats!! :)
Leave any questions in the comments. :)
This baby may seem innocent...
But this has been his attitude for the last week...can't say I blame him though...he has gotten two teeth (can you see them)and a cold that included a fever...all in the last week. In fact we all got it...thankfully we are all on the mend. :)
I also got some guitar shirts for boys in the shop too. :)
Here's to getting back to normal. :)
Even my husband was complaining a little that I wasn't posting regularly. :)



Jennifer said...

Wahoo! The end is near! It's so exciting!

Letti said...

I love your guitar shirts they are super cute.

Jaimie said...

ooo teeth are no fun! my little one is a monster every time he gets one, which is often lately!

Gordostyle said...

Thought of you today as I was at the Target Dollar Spot. Did you see they have robot baggies? They are super cute!

Here's to a better week! Cheers and Smiles!

CC said...

Such a beautiful,adorable,huggy little one, with a smile to melt icicles.

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