knee deep.

I have been spending every spare moment I have getting ready for MOPS.
Making funky flower pins for each lady (sixty!), runners for the tables, flags and more.
And loving every minute.
There is something great about just doing for the benefit of others.
It just fills you up.
I want this year to be an amazing one for the ladies in our MOPS.
Moses has been asking about it for weeks now. :)
So while I have nothing earth shattering to share...
I am sure there are some who will enjoy some photos of my favorite boys.
I NEVER wake my babies if they are sleeping...unless it's for the doctor or when Aaron had to be woken up I took the opportunity to take a photo of this sweet sleeping baby. :)
AND there are a new pair of pillows in the shop. :)
AND I found three boys t-shirts to do robot shirts
...many of you asked for one
...these are size xs(5).
Email me if you want to claim one.

AND I better get back to work!



Sherryl said...

Yes, yes, I want a robot t-shirt!

Amanda said...

Love the picture and love the pillows!

Holly said...

What a blessing you are to your family and to MOPS. You are such an amazing and loving person, dear friend. xoxoxoxo

MegaMom9 (same on Twitter!) said...

Thank you for refreshing my memories of MOPS! I was a member from 1991-2006 and held many postitions. I loved it and was sad to leave as life pulled me another direction. I'm actually thinking about starting a TeenMOPS here as I have come across several young ladies who could use some mentoring and God's love lately.

Your boys are adorable and your shop has some beautiful things in it! You're quite talented.


Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

Your boys are precious!!!

Cora Anne Designs said...

Hurray for MOPS! We had our last planning meeting last week and start this week and I'm so excited! I don't think our decor is going to be as cute and crafty as yours though!

L Johnson said...

Cute Christmas pillows and such a great idea to practice quilt patterns and then make pillows:)

natalie said...

I found you via - love the photos!

Amber said...

Yes I'm still interested in getting a Plex the Robot shirt! I'll email you.

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