he's funny.

Since it's his birthday week...
A couple of Moses stories that I find funny.
Last night Moses was playing in our backyard by himself. It's a small enclosed yard off of the kitchen...we keep the screen open so we can hear him which often results in witnessing some cute stuff come out of his mouth. For the purpose of this story you need to know in Moses language "to you" means hold..."to you, me" means hold me.
So we hear him chatting away outside. And this is how it goes:

Birds chirping.
Moses: Come here birds.
Birds chirping.
Moses: Come heeere birds.
Birds doing their thing.
Moses: Come heeeereee birds!
Birds ignoring him.
Moses: Birds...I'll "tooooo yoooou"

It makes me crack up that in his preschooler mind he was really sweetening the deal to those birds by offering to hold them.

Last week or so we were in Joanne's a craft store. He was being obnoxious. Really. I had had it. He was not listening to ANYTHING I was saying or even acknowledging my presence.
So I pinched his arm...just hard enough to get his attention (don't judge me).
And what does he do but yell at the top of his lungs "Hey! Don't pinch me!!"

Another time in Joanne's...I was standing by the front of the store which is a long line of windows...I was trying to finish up a call before I shopped. Moses proceeds to follow passers by on the sidewalk from one side of the windows to the other...knocking on the glass until they looked at him...then waving and smiling...then running back to the beginning to wait for the next person. :)

The first funny Moses story ever...he was just born and it was the first time we were left alone with him in the hospital. So naturally we want to undress him to have a look at all of his parts. The second we undo his diaper...a stream of pee shoots across the room...he got at least 6-8 feet in distance. If I had only known what that would mean in our future.
Aaron, for the record has peed on my once. Moses...I have lost count.

One more. We were in Target. Doug kept Aaron while I took Moses to the bathroom. Good thing about a boy is that he can stand to use a public potty...however keeping his hands off of the toilet seat is a challenge. Apparently the next day someone said to Doug "I think your wife was here the other day...I was in the bathroom and I kept hearing someone say "Don't touch the toilet Moses...Don't touch the toilet Moses...Don't touch the toilet Moses..."". :)

6) I lied. One more. He calls envelopes "boo woops". Cute, right?


Amy Bell said...

oh..jo anns...my kids call INNOCENTLY call it the "crap store" instead of the craft store....trent dies laughing every time....oh, so do i...inside...i tell you...inside.

SarahRachel said...

Great stories!! This is such a fun age and with a mix of sweet, funny, poignant moments mixed with the exacerbating ones! =)

Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

Awesome stories, Crystal! Having a 4 yr old, I can totaly relate to these...

Amber said...

All such sweet/funny stories. It's so important to record those cute moments because as parents we forget...even though we think we won't :) Happy birthday week!

wholarmor said...

Cute little guy! Little kids are so entertaining and funny!

Aurora said...

Cute stuff...thanks for sharing! Story 1 was just too sweet, and I am still giggling about story 2! Don't kids always say what you wish they wouldn't (and usually where everyone can here them!) And no judgement here...I also use the little pinch method! :)

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