getting there...quilt week five. :) how are you all doing? Hopefully you are gaining steam as you go. :)
Now that all of your strips are cut up into's time to lay them out and decide how you would like to sew them together. :)
Since I had so many squares and since they are so large...I will be making two quilts out of my will be six squares by six squares...the other will be three by three (and be going in the shop!)
Just lay them out and play around until you get them how you like them...there is no right or wrong...just however you like. :)
Cute, huh? Are you excited?
Once you have decided on your pattern...stack the squares up and keep the rows separated so you know where each row begins and ends.
Now take your first two squares...put them right sides together...and using a 1/4in are going to do your best to sew your seams down know how earlier you ironed them down flat? Now you are going to attempt to sew them down the same way you ironed them. You want to keep the quilt top as flat as possible so that when it is quilted it will do so nice and flat with no bumps. HOWEVER, I will admit that with Moses' quilt, I didn't do the best job ever...some seams going every which way...but the quilt still turned out nicely. :)
See how the seams are all pointing the same direction? Sewing this way will help keep it flat. Now sew sew sure to rotate the direction of the squares.
Do your first two rows...then sew your two rows your next row then add it to your two rows, fourth row, add to the three rows, keep going like this adding your new row to your main quilt piece.
This way you can ensure that each row is how it should be direction wise and you won't have to make friends with your seam ripper...not that I would know anything about that. :)
And here is my finished quilt top!
And my mini one. :)

After you have finished the can measure for how much backing fabric you will need.
If you are sending it will need about an extra eight inches all around.

My big quilt is 75in by 75in. figure out how many yards of fabric to get...

I multiplied 75 by 75 to get 5625 which is how many square inches my big quilt is.

The fabric I am using to back the quilt is 45in wide by 36in long (per yard).

I multiplied 45 by 36 to get 1620, which is how many square inches in a yard.

I divided 5625 by 1620 to get ~3.47.
SO about 3 1/2 yards should do it.

Does that make sense?

Next week we will get our backing ready to ship off!
If you are sending your quilt away you will need to purchase
an additional yard of fabric, in a different pattern, for the binding.

I am trying to decide if I will send off the baby quilt or attempt to do it the quilt along may or may not end next week...we will see. :)

Leave any questions in the comments...I would also LOVE to see your progress!



i love plum said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i love it...nice job :)

Erica said...

I love it. I'm still on the hunt for 5 more perfect fabric selections. I think it's about time I searched etsy. There are some yummy fabrics out there in the etsy world. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to start on my son's quilt.

Jessica said...

any suggestions as to HOW we find a good quilter to send it out to?

Dizzy Broad said...

I am "quilting" along with you in my head but got to the math part and got a headache :-). Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! -gigi

Crystal said...

i recommend

for sending out your quilt.
they are awesome and professional. :)

shannonfaery said...

I love your Blog!!! Thank you for taking the time to do these Quilt alongs I am looking foreward to doing one so I am studying them already!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you send your quilts off for quilting? I love this idea, and I have 2 of them in the works!
Thanks so much!!!

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