fun numbers.

But first. Can I just say how ridiculously cute this baby is? Do you SEE those big brown eyes? It hurts me how cute he is...let's not even talk about how he just seven months and wearing a size 18 month one piece...and it fitting pretty well. Let's just focus on the cuteness...not that fact that he is growing so fast.

Back to the numbers.

I just recently passed 3000 sales on Etsy!!!
Amazingly this doesn't include the many orders I have done on the side for friends, family or MOPS gals.
I am stunned. You would think this would make me confident. It doesn't. I expect to be found out with each and every sale.
I am amazed at all of the sweet repeat buyers that I have...many who have become friends.
Really? You love my stuff so much that you will buy it again? And again?
You crazy, silly, wonderful people. I am thankful for you.
Another amazing number: 177,892.
That is the number of blog hits that I have had since installing the counter.
That is a crazy number. Really? That many folks who want to visit.
Awesome. And thank you. :)
A couple more:
Three years ago I had never thought of opening my own store.
Two years ago I had almost never sewn.
One year ago my store was still mainly cards.
Six months ago I had never quilted.
Two days ago my stuff was only available through me...
now it's in a local shop.

Now I am wondering...what surprises does God have in store for me next?


LibraryGirl62 said...

Seriously~I have the cutest babies (Ok, they are 17 and 16..still babies)..but he has to be top ten of all time! He has the BEST eyes :)

Lisa said...

Congratulations on all the numbers! 2 years ago you almost never sewed? You lie! That gives me have no idea how much!

That boy is gorgeous! He is getting so big and beautiful.

Lisa said...

I'm swiping your button!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all the goodness! I noticed you hit 3,000 on Etsy the other day!... I realized this because I included you in a shopping gift guide I did for a guest post at Le Musings of Moi :)

Sherryl said...

I will definitely buy from you again! For my daughter this time. That robot tee that you made for my son is amazing. He loves it and has already worn it FIVE TIMES!!!

And your items should be in many, many shops!!!

Anonymous said...

His hat is so adorable. I love it. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

traci said...

He's adorable and that brown just looks FABULOUS on him!!!! Congrats to you. You have so much to be thankful for!!!

Unknown said...

1. Aaron looks sooo much like Moses
2. That is the cutest baby hat ever. EVER.
3. Just think of all the people out there who let fear keep them from pursuing their dreams of opening an Etsy shop. Or sitting down at a sewing machine. Or whatever. Way to put yourself out there! It has paid off!!
4. Everytime I go to Starbucks and whip out one of my amazing coffee cuffs they say, "Did you make that?! You should sell those!!" And I say, No, and then I wish I had some littlebitfunky business cards to hand out. If you were to accidentally drop some into a stamped envelope with my address on it, that would be okay with me. ;)

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Woot WOOT!! Great numbers.

Kari said...

Congrats to you!! Keep up the great work

Love those dark brown eyes!

Jessica said...

you're amazing and my inspiration crystal!! :) i am trying fast and furious to get enough stuff done and photographed and in my shop ... and it's taking me forever!!! u have 2 little boys and keep a steady stream of new things coming ... how do you do it?? and don't say coffee cuz i drink A LOT of that! ;o)

congratulations on everything!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Thank YOU!
I've been wanting to open my own etsy shop for some time and you just gave me the push to take the leap!
PS. I lurked along and made a quilt- I LOVE it!

Kris :) said...

You greatly underestimated yourself - a habit that I think women tend to have. It's rare that I find an Etsy shop that I would buy every item from - your shop is it!

Happy Hodge Podge said...

I am SCARED SILLY to open my own Etsy shop -- or to start a blog for that matter. I feel as though I don't have anything worthy of selling or saying! I admire your confidence. (and I admire ALL of the items in your shop).
What shop is carrying your items? How exciting for you.
You rock.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on ALL your success & many more to come!! I know you can do it & so do YOU!! You have proven it... just believe in yourself!!

i love plum said...

well deserved :)

Petra said...

Congrats on all your achievements, especially those cute boys! Your stuff is amazing and I love following your blog... You are truly inspiring.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

congrats !!! I am really impressed. you do such a wonderful job !!!

btw LOVELY pictures !!!

Amber said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. How exciting to have your goodies in a local shop! And yes, Aaron's big brown eyes are too cute for words. Happy Friday to you :)

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