sweet. new. what you need.

this boy is sweet.
though he is also wild and crazy.
and loud and silly.
he is also very sweet.
last night he thanked me for dinner.
the other day he asked if being naughty made Jesus sad.
and he will spontaneously tell you that Jesus lives in his heart..."and daddy heart, and mommy heart, and grandma heart, and bop-bop heart..."
he is such a sweet little stinker.
new item in the shop...this idea has lived in my head for months...feels so good to have it out!
a question for you...
do you think there is a market for pillow cases made from designer fabrics?
just an idea that i have been toying with...they would just be simple pillow cases...but made from some of these yummy fabrics we see everywhere...i think they would run around $20 a pair...
what do you think?
and i am SO excited that so many of you want to quilt along with me.
i will aim to have our first post ready to go NEXT wednesday.
and do one post a week.
but you can really work at your own pace.

here are some things you will need:
rotary cutter
cutting guide
self-healing mat
(you can get all of these things at Joanne's and
in case you didn't know you can use a Michael's coupon at Joanne's)
sewing machine
1/2 yard of 12 different fabrics
(this is for the front-you can't really tell how much fabric or batting you will need until you are finished with the facing...depends on the cut of the fabric)
you will eventually need some fabric for the back and batting to go in between...
but we will get to that eventually.

You can wash, dry and iron your fabrics before we start.

I won't do this...I like the look you get if you wash and dry it after it is made.
And I must warn you...I am NOT a perfectionist.
I never pin, only iron if I really have to and am kind of queen of "good enough". :)

I am pretty good at getting the same result as anyone else just in my own way...
my math teachers never appreciated this about me...I got a lot of half credit for not using the formula...even if I did get the right answer! :)

So I hope this makes you feel at home?!

Are you less intimidated now?

Good...now go order your fabrics so we can get started!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

First of all, I LOVE THAT PILLOW!!! It is so adorable.

Secondly, I am similar to you in the 'queen of good enough' way. And I want so badly to be quilting alongside you, but I don't have a sewing machine anymore. And no budget to buy one right away :(

So I will vicariously quilt through you and maybe I'll make mine next year. :)

Happy Hodge Podge said...

I'm in - I'm in. We have a great fabric store in town (Threads of Time). I'm going to get my fabric today at lunch! Can't wait. This is going to be fun.

Beth said...

totally want to quilt, and you're my kind of seamstress. good enough works for me, too. and, i am looking for pillowcases for betsy and rosie's new rooms. possibly, even the boys'. that would be great if you started making those!

mommyholly said...

First of all... Moses! SO DARN CUTE! :) Second, I used to quilt a ton and miss it- I need to get myself back into it, especially with such cute fabrics out there! AND... I love that you are queen of "good enough"!! I am too... I can't see the point in doing things that aren't absolutely essential :) Happy quilting my dear, xoxox! -Holly

Dizzy Broad said...

Looks like fun! BTW, I tried to use my Michael's coupon at Jo Ann's yesterday and they wouldn't honor it :-( Maybe different policies here in Calif. Thanks for the link on where to buy fabric at Etsy.

Jennifer said...

I'm going to do this!!! I saw Julie's quilt and loved it, thanks for doing this!

Also, love the pillow. Are you taking pillow cases for square couch pillows like the one in the picture? I would SO buy some! I need some! Have even looked for some but can't find any my style (ie-not over to top or culturally specific).

See you wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I love that pillow! You should sell them!

Jessica said...

hmmm ... i AM a perfectionist which is why i don't make more things. i get to a point where i find fault with everything and give up. so i look forward to learning "good enough" ... :o)

can't wait!!

Kandi said...

Well, I don't have time to play this time around, but I'm hoping there will be links or photos of everyone's finished products for us to see!

Also, just a comment about the Michael's coupons at JoAnns. Ours here in the Portland Oregon area will honor Michael's coupons, but only on items that Michael's would also carry, so not on fabric and sewing items. Just an FYI.

Happy crafting!

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