random questions.

Some questions I have been asked lately:

My delish fabric is mostly from HERE or HERE. :)
It is also helpful to search under supplies on Etsy for things like "red fabric" or "polka dot fabric" or that sort of thing. :)

Yes, YOU can make this quilt we are making.

Yes, I cut out all the letter that I use for pillows and banners.
I make my own stencils, trace, cut and sew all of the letters. :)

I think the secret to the gravy was using the potato water...I just took the meat out of the pot, added some potato water, stirred it us, scrapping the sides of the pan to get the good bits, added some flour and brought it to a boil. Doug loved it...I hate gravy so I didn't even have any.

Lang bo Norge! means Long Live Norway!
All of Doug's family are from Norway. :)

In regards to potty training---when Moses takes a nap or goes to bed he wears a pull-up. When we go out we make him go potty before we leave...when we were first starting we put a pull-up on him for outings. :)

I have not made Moses any of the t-shirt pants yet...but to get the waist just right...wrap the elastic around their little waist where the band will go...stretch it just a couple of inches making sure it will be comfy for them and secure with a safety pin until you stitch it up. :)

Any more? :)



emily said...

Yes! Love the pictures :)

Any idea how much fabric (yardage), I should get for the BACK of the quilt we are working on?

Thank you :)

Crystal said...

Emily...Moses quilt took about 4 yards. :) BUT I would wait until you have the top sewn to be sure you order enough! :)

emily said...

Thank you so much!!

Aurora said...

I love your new header! Very cute!

Ben and Taryn said...

Love the new header too. Also love the pictures of your family.

Amber said...

These are such fun family pictures! Did you use a timer? It makes me want to take some family pictures of my own. You guys are adorable.

SInce you're answering random questions, I'm curious if you put together photo books or scrap books for your family or kids? I figure you must have some great idea to share :)

Trish said...

sure, i would like your birdie to be a button i can put on my blog... is this possible?

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