new tricks and a hot mess.

Look what the youngest member of our family can do now?
He still forgets to remember to sit up sometimes...but he can still do it. :)
And I have no other words for this but "hot mess".
I have no idea what to do with's about 12 or so inches across. :)
But I love to look at it.

Made completely with scraps from other projects...and scraps from my latest quilt...see why you shouldn't throw out those scraps?

Does it make you want a messy flower?
Go see Julie...she'll hook you up. :)

Any ideas on what I should do with it?

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Kelley said...

sew it on a solid pillow! cute!

Trish said...

I love the "hot mess"!! It's gorgeous!! I' think I'd pin on a tote for a little fun :)

An oh my oh my... I love little baby toes!!!

Venus said...

I so see this on one of your pillows! How fun!

hooli said...

that hot mess needs to be hanging on the side of a hot tote! or a beach bag. or maybe the front of a bike basket.

B.jane said...

Hmmm...not sure either...what to do?
I love it and the new white clean back drop!
B.jane over at

Tangee said...

My vote is to put it on a pillow.

Michaela said...

Maybe make it a part of a cute wreath or other door decoration for summertime and springtime too!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh yes....a pillow for sure! I've been making lots of crazy fabric flowers! They are taking over :)

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Go buy a bubble gum pink vw bug and glue that adorable flower right to the center of the steering wheel, so you can see it wherever you go.

Or you could just sew it on a pillow and mail it to me.

Either one is a great idea, for sure ;)

Janel said...

That Bubble Gum Pink VW resides here in Denver. I like to think Pepto Bismol Pink. I think a tote! There is a tote in Anthropologie that is nothing but scarves, and it is a few hundred dollars. I think this is a great alternate, for mere pennies. if you don't like, move it to a pillow or place it in a shadow box and hang it up?

Trish said...

you should applique it onto a pillow somehow... it would be super fun!

Lace said...

I'm going with the pillow idea as well! Sew a cute little solid round one and tack that bad boy on :)

Soo cute!

Jennifer said...

Sew it on a pillow! Although I don't envy tacking on all those strippy petals! Maybe some "fabric fusion" fabric glue? That stuff is MAGIC! Love the colors!

mama j said...

The first thing I thought, when I saw it and read your name--and thought of your colorful kitchen--was a HOT PAD! Is it thick enough? Love it!!!

SarahRachel said...

He is SO cute, Crystal!! Why are boys so much cuter than girls!? Just kidding all you moms of girls (but seriously, Crystal). ;-)
I LOVE hot mess! I'd wear it. Not sure how, but I would!

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