more yummness.

One of my birthday gifts from Doug was a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.
Oh man, is it addicting.
I just love it so much...and this happy pillow was born.
layers of ruffly mess...
and loads...
and loads of buttons! :)

It's a beautiful mess...very much like my life lately.
Let's the last couple of weeks:
two different relatives getting surgery
Potty training Moses, successfully.
Aaron learns to sit up.
Moses stoped sucking his fingers, on his own mind you AND stopped carrying Doggy, his best buddy, around everywhere.
He still must be in the bed when Moses gets there but for Moses not to take him everywhere is a big deal.
We moved Moses to a booster seat instead of a car seat.
We had that dumb leak that required us to pull up the carpet, put down new foam, etc.
Which in turn caused a huge chain reaction through the house of cleaning and de-cluttering.
Out of nowhere, which is usually how I get them, I got two photography jobs.
My shop is going to be featured in Cville...the local magazine...which required a photographer coming out to photograph me working and with some of my stuff. VERY exciting.
Aaron said his first word. Dada. Of course, cause HE is the one that gets up with him at night and nurses him every three hours. :)
Plus orders.
Plus I am a mom.
And a wife.
Life is good. Busy. But good.



Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

I absolutely LOVE that pillow.

Wow, you have been one busy mama the past couple weeks!!

I started potty training my daughter a couple days ago. She is doing great. Any suggestions on nap/bed time? And going places?

Nancy said...

That pillow is divine. Love the ruffle and the button heaven. Delicious. Congrats on the highlight in the local magazine. Enjoy these times with the kiddos, it goes by in the blink of an eye. Too fast.

mommyholly said... That PILLOW!!!! You are so darn creative, missy!! I just love it! And busy is GOOD... lots of things happening around you, but such happiness too!! :) xo! -Holly

Sherryl said...

Love that pillow! A must have!

NicNacManiac said...

That is the most freakin cute pillow ever!!! love the colors and the whimsical buttons...adorable!!
How the heck do you fit in the time to be so creative with so much goin on.....wonderwomen!!! xOxO Nerina :)

Tangee said...

What a GORGEOUS pillow. I LOVE it. It's simply beautiful.

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