in a few words...

Version 2.0 of the profile pillow.
Much more funky...and much more in love with it.
The start of my fabric collection for my next quilt. :)
Messy baby loves peaches. :)
Step three is complete.
I hope to iron and maybe cut tonight. :)

Happy weekend!
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Kristi said...

Good job on the quilt progress, can't wait to see it! This pillow is even cuter than the last. And the boy is just as cute at the first. :-) I just made the most obnoxious shirt for me son...

Jeri Niksich said...

I'm not too good at things but I'd like to know how to make the silhouette pillow...actually more the silhouette. I'm sure it's fairly simple but I'm better at following instructions than figuring it out myself. If you or anyone can tell me how please email the directions to me Thank you everyone that helps me out here.

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