if i had never become a mother.

I was thinking lately...of all the things that I would never have wondered about, done, or witnessed if I had never become a mother.
A few:

I would never have to wonder "Is that chocolate or poop?"
I surely would never had witnessed another human scream "I love screws!" at the top of their lungs for 15 minutes...for no reason other than his genuine love for screws.
I would never have to shower with the door open.
I would never have someone offer to wipe my bum...thanks Moses, that's very thoughtful of you.
I would never had had the honor of putting my nose directly to someones bum to see if they pooped.
I would never have had someone puke in my face...and nose and mouth.
I would never have thought to buy goldfish by the gallon.
I would hopefully never ever had the impulse to throw my cupped hands in front of a someones puking mouth...WHY is that a mothers instinct?
I would never have to buy a whole new wardrobe for my kids while my husband and I make do with one pair of good jeans.
I would never have gained 55lbs (twice over) in a short time...along with stretch marks.
I may not have ever known just how much God loves me.
I may have never experienced as fully the mystery of God...like...why were BOTH of my babies born with a cord around their neck...tightly...and survived?
What amazing thing is God going to do with their lives?
I would never have eaten so many cold meals in my life.
I'm sure there are more that I will think of the moment I hit publish...there may have to be a 2.0. :)

How about you? Add your own in the comments...I look forward to commiserating. :)

Have a beautiful day!


i love plum said...


~ i would have never dreamed in a thousand years that i'd be willing to wipe their noses with my bare hands if a tissue wasn't close by.

so many more...


Lindi said...

I would never have thought that I'd sleep in the bed with a two year old, while the husband sleeps in a different room with the 10 year old!!! :)
I would not know the joys of humming theme songs from Nickelodeon programs while showering...God knows there are MANY better things to hum!! :)
I would never have thought that "in a pinch" the sleeve of a nice shirt would also make an excellent tissue!! :)
I would not know the joys of half eaten and slobbered on _______ (insert snack of your choice here) being shoved into my mouth because "mom you eat it!!"

Clare said...

This is great!

I would never known how proud I could feel by watching someone accomplish such "small" things (taking steps, saying "hi", etc.).

Sherryl said...

.... and I never would've known how it feels like to have little sticky hands on both sides of my face and love it!

I love this post - I have three little ones myself - all 4 and under!

Leah31 said...

...and let so many wonderful cups of coffee get cold...or been sitting in a stall at the crowded restroom of Walmart and heard my 2.5 year old yell, "You pooped in the potty, Mommy, GREAT JOB!!!!"....

Vincent Family said...

I never thought I would be so sleep deprived that I wake up thinking that I heard her crying or yelling for me and when I get to her bed she is sound asleep.

Sara said...

I love this!!! These are all so true!!!

I never would of had the *honor* of going to the restroom and having an audience that will clap when I am done!

I would never of felt the joy and pride I get watching my girls grow every day.

And I would never of thought of having a spare outfit for everyone stocked in my trunk at all times would be a good thing.

Happy Hodge Podge said...

I would never have been in Target with a little one that had to go "really bad", but could only "go" if she had a magazine to read. And I would not have literally ran to the magazine aisle, stood in line to pay for the magazine, and wait for 20 minutes outside of a stall asking if there was anything I could do for her. Only to find out that she was done long ago but wanted to finish reading an article about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.....

jejoba said...

Love this!

I would never have known a plain red onesie could make me cry...over and over again...happy and sad tears all at the same time!

number17cherrytreelane said...

I would never have thought I could utterly rip someone's head off, if they messed with my kid....

Linda said...

Great post! I can relate to so many.

I never realized that "projectile poop" actually existed, thought it was an urban legend, until it happened to me!

I never thought I would be so desperate for a kleenex, and wipe noses with a shirt, my hand.....anything!

And......I totally did the cupped hand to catch throw up yesterday. I'm lucky enough to have a son with a SUPER strong gag reflex.

Have a great day!

Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

I am laughing hysterically as I read your post!!! I have 4 yr and 18 mo old boys and have experienced EACh and EVERY one of the items you mentioned. Wonderful post!

Kandi said...

This is such a great post Crystal! As with you I'll probably think of others after I hit publish, but at this moment this is the only thing I can think of.

I don't think I would have ever thought to make sure I have gallon size zip lock bags in the seat backs of my car so when my boys get car sick, they can grab a bag, throw up in it, zip it up and throw it away. It's so much better than cleaning that yuck out of carseats and seat belt buckles!

Thanks for this post!

anna said...

You are so funny! I especially love: "I may not have ever known just how much God loves me."

so true

Sparky said...

If I had never become a mother, I would not have had the opportunity to:
1. Do all the things you mentioned and then some and...

2. Attend my son's wedding and then less than a year later see him cry at the birth of his daughter.

3. Convert a guest room in my home into a nursery for my soon-to-arive grandson who will live there with his mommy.

All us mommy's and grandmommy's are truly blessed by God to have such wonderful experiences and memories.

CJClayton said...

LEah31 wins in my book (CJC)

Nancy said...

If I had not been a mother, I would never hear my daughter say, "I am going to put this picture away." "Where?" I said. "In Daddy's underwear drawer, of course!" Say what????
On a serious note, without my daughters, I would not have been blessed with the gift of healing. For years i prayed to be healed from a malady that plagued my life. The Lord blessed me with my 2 girls and I have never looked back. God is so good! :)

Cora Anne Designs said...

I would have never known how an almost-two-year-old could change her mind thirty times in a five second span, "yes!...no!...yes!...no!" It's crazy!

Sweet P said...

If I had never become a mother I would not have been blessed with a beautiful daughter-in-law. From my son and her I have been blessed again with a gorgeous grandson and look forward to sharing some of those moments all over again.

Judy said...

I kissed the finger my granddaughter held up to my face, assuming it was an "owie".

Got a booger on my lip.

And a weird look from her.

Not the first time, either.

I'm such a slooooow learner.

wholarmor said...

I would not know the joys of half eaten and slobbered on _______ (insert snack of your choice here) being shoved into my mouth because "mom you eat it!!"


And ditto to most all of the things that have been mentioned before. I'm too tired to think of my own right now, lol.

la belle fille said...

Beautiful post! How very true!

I would never have known the utter joy one feels when the first step is taken.

Never would have know how marching in a parade around the yard is so much fun!

Never would have understood how little hands can make BIG messes so quickly.

Never would have known the true meaning meaning of multi-tasking ;-)

Shelly said...

I'm laughing so hard! You're a funny girl! I might just have to steal your idea and post one of my own...I'll let you know! :-)

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