reality check.

Just so you don't think my house is always clean...though we do take care of this before we go to bed. :) Let's play I spy...shall we?
Can you find?
A wii remote?
a TV remote?
three Rubik's cubes?
two wooden spoons?
a spatula handle?
two pineapples?
a toy wrench?
How about here?
an ipod?
a nemo?
packing tape?
green polka dots?
red polka dots?
the number two?
a firefighter?

Doug says that overall his interview went very we have to wait and see when his next set of them will be...could be anywhere from 1-6 months. So we wait...

Thanks for the prayers!

Happy Friday to you! :)



Teresa Tysinger said...

Nice to know I'm not alone in the mess that somehow accumulates between breakfast and bedtime! :) While I've got your do you cut your super cute letters out? Craft knife? Die cut? I've got a few projects in mind, so wondered what your preferred method is. Thanks! - Teresa

la belle fille said...

Totally off topic, but I *love* the "scrappy" skirt!! Just got it today and will be wearing it tomorrow. Love, love, love it! I bought a similar skirt form Ashley (Lassie Girl) for my daughter a while ago, and when Isabelle saw your skirt, she was as excited as me. She wanted me to change and wear it. Thank you for both a great skirt and some fun memories about to be made :-) - Cassandra

Sarah & Chance Bendel said...

Crystal, I got my skirt today and I absolutely adore it, you are fabulous!

Ashley said...

Glad to hear your husbands interview went well!
Thinking positive for you guys!

SarahRachel said...

THIS makes me feel better. I've read your blogs claiming you're not perfect, but this helps confirm it a little. Although, I do NOT always tidy up at night. siiigh. =)

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