i triple dog dare you.

something that strikes me as very sad...
a woman who refuses to be seen without makeup.
to me...someone who thinks that they are so unattractive "as is" that they simply must "fix" themselves before being presentable to the world.
so sad.

the Lord made you perfect, no?

what got me thinking on all of this was THIS post by a blogger I read.
i was so struck by how stunning she was...first thing in the morning...i couldn't help but wonder if she thought the same.
if women everywhere could or would think the same about themselves.

i am not saying you should never wear make-up...i get that it is fun and all that.
i am just saying...love yourself without it first.

LOVE God's design for your face.
He made you to look JUST LIKE THAT.
He makes no mistakes.
He made your eyelashes not so full.
He puts His own blush on your cheeks.
He gave you those freckles.
He did not make your eyelids blue.

HE thinks you are beautiful first thing in the morning.
without makeup.
do you know better than the Lord?

even a little more sad...what does that message tell your children?
specifically your daughters?
if you can't love yourself the way God made you...how do you expect them to?
if you are so embarrassed about yourself without makeup...how do you teach them that it is OK to be just who God made you?
you have to believe it AND live it.
let them see you without it.
let them see you showing yourself without it.
to family.
to friends.

just a thought.

so i have a dare for you.
take your camera.
put it by your bed.
first think in the morning...
take a self-portrait.

no face washing.
no hair brushing.
no de-mussing.
just you.
the way God sees you all the time.
fresh from sleep.
before you are self-conscience.

just take a photo of you, beautiful you.
and post it on your blog.
for all the world to see.
to declare to all:
i am beautiful...just how God made me.
He doesn't make mistakes.
the second part of the dare:
believe it.

come here and link to your post in the comments.
i can't wait to see how stunning you are.



Elma said...

Love this post. I know so many that will not leave the house without makeup. I myself don't wear any. Have a great day!!

Traci said...

Used to be I HAD to have make up before going or doing ANYTHING. I have loosened up on this and will actually go to the grocery store without now or let my neigbors see me without now BUT what really changed me was when my girls came along. I did think about the message I was sending to them. I never thought I felt ugly and needed to cover myself or anything like that. I was taught you need to put on some make up, iron your clothes and present your best self to the world so you will get the most respect. If you dont wear make up, iron your clothes, take loads of time to get ready and present your best self to the world daily people will not take you seriously. Still not sure about this theory but I see how it could have some pros and cons.
In the end.......as a mom I changed going to tanning salons and being consumed with makeup every sec.of the day for my girls.
Love your blog isn't just fluff :)

Mommafo said...

Great post! I'm up all night w/little Ben, I'll try to remember to take a pic! :)

Molly said...

Thanks for posting this Crystal!! A few years ago I wouldn't be caught dead without makeup or my hair fixed. My mom is a hair dresser so I was always taught that you needed to look the best out of everyone to be noticed or feel good about yourself. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't look your best when going to important events but looks aren't everything. I have learned that the hard way. I have always had self image issues especially being over weight and thinking my life would somehow be better if I lost weight and was skinny but after I did lose the weight I still felt empty. I turned to God and asked for guidance and thats when I met my husband and someone that loves me for me and not my looks. Thank you for posting this and let me tell you, you look amazing and so does your cute baby!! Have a great day! Oh and here is my picture on my blog for the world to see www.materialgalmolly.blogspot.com
~Molly P

Angie Seaman said...

Great post Crystal. I love it. I was just referred to your blog this morning by Molly after a posted a photography shoot on my personal/AGD business blog today. I'll definitely be back. Very fun!

PS...Tara Whitney is my H-E-R-O!

Blessings, Angie

Dawn said...

What a great post, Crystal! Most of the time I am a no-makeup girl. Once in awhile just a teeny bit of blush, usually in the winter, and almost always lip gloss (read chapstick). The last time I had a full-fledged made up face was for my wedding, 13 years ago!

Miss G said...

I'm posting a photo (three actually) tomorrow of me with no make-up. Not first thing a.m. but still no make-up. Not sure that's ever happened on my blog. Thanks for getting us to think about this. Kelly

Holly said...

Good morning, beautifully perfect Crystal. You are stunning! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I did it.
Thanks for the inspiration.:)



Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I took your dare too Crystal! I'm not much of a makeup girl anyway, but I loved your post and thought I'd participate. Thanks for sharing and daring!


Unknown said...

I accepted your dare!


Unknown said...

I post on my blog everyday. I don't wear a sticth of makeup. None. The only thing I wear is Oil of Olay lotion with SPF and colorless cocoa butter lip balm.

Find me here:

Unknown said...

I agree with your comments on how can we teach our daughters to love themselves as they are, if we can not do the same. There are women in my family who spend hours on hair and make-up. That is mind boggling to me.

One of my most cherished books is filled with photographs of Women Before 10am. That is the title and the photographer is Veronique Vial. Many tender moments caught in those pages and I'm betting you would enjoy it as well!

Elise said...

What a great post!! I, too, struggle with loving myself with no makeup. I didn't used to wear it daily until I worked for a makeup counter and had to. Now, I don't hardly go without it. Even my four year old wanted me to curl her eyelashes this morning. Uh oh...

Tiffany said...

I joined in on the dare too... You can find my post here:

nursenicki said...

Wow. God definitely brought me to your post. I was just wandering through links from blog-to-blog, thoroughly enjoyed the YouTube wedding clip (!), then kept reading...I have a 10-month-old girl, and although I don't wear a lot of makeup, I pretty much always make sure I have it on before I leave the house, even to go on a walk. Thanks for the wake-up call. I'm putting the camera @ my bedside.

nursenicki said...

I'm following now, too!

The Sleepy Dreamer said...

I did it! http://knockoutsleepy.blogspot.com/
Lots of fun! Easy challenge's are the BEST!

CaraDee said...

You look beautiful.

Kelly Warren said...

thanks for the inspiration. We're all beautiful! I took your challenge.

Anonymous said...

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