we heart nj. part 2.

While in NJ we headed off to Lancaster, PA to celebrate Doug's Aunt and Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary...Moses got to play with cousins we hardly get to see.
There was lots of sidewalk chalk to be had for the kids...Moses left covered with it.
We shared a hotel suite, in the area, with Doug's brother, his wife and two kids. It's amazing how fast two (almost) three year olds can wreck a hotel room. It was lots of fun though...we even got to see Doug's sister, who we never seem to get to see. It was all worth the trip.
This was Aaron's part of the suite...we made a canopy with the sheet...it worked like a charm when Moses was a baby too. :)
While there...we tried to take Moses to the Crayola factory...ummm...can you say over stimulation? It was a DISASTER. Way too unorganized and crazy for all of us. We left after an hour.

:) Off to start the day...Mose has some sort of virus. Fun. Hoping to get some real work done on orders today...

And SO SO sad about Jon and Kate...such a tragedy...such a sign of the times...I hope Jesus comes back real soon!

Hope your Tuesday is great!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Welcome back! I'm so sad about J&K too. Sad.

I was wondering if you saw them while you were in Lancaster! =)

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