Ok...just to warn you...this is not a happy fuzzy post.

But there are some things I just don't get.
Like...Why people go swimming with sharks. Why anyone would get a tattoo with someones name in it. Why taxes are so high...why Al Gore thinks he invented the internet...why the shower curtain billows in...why my kids can't nap at the same time every day.
Among others.

I also don't get that when a celebrity dies...regardless of what they have done in their lives...they are suddenly martyred. Like if you accomplish enough fame in your life, you are excused from being a good human being. If you are a good enough athlete you can get away with rape...or murder even. Right? That's what society tells us. If enough people like you, you don't have to follow the rules.

Today I am saddened that people are SO fixated on the death of ONE human being that they are not paying attention to the fact that North Korea threatened on Wednesday to "wipe out" the United States if we dared to intercept the transport of illicit weapons.

Today I am saddened that people celebrate someone accused of being a pedophile among other things. Even if he was a great musician. That doesn't make him worthy of a pardon.
If the una bomber was a great musician would we have pardoned him?

I am REALLY saddened by celebrity fanfare.
I hate to break it to the world but...being an actor or musician does not make you special or more important than the checkout girl at Target. Especially if you look at how little it takes to be a "celebrity" these days...people will do anything to be a "celebrity"...lie,cheat, steal and more...just look at all those smutty reality shows...because our society tries to tell us that celebrities are more important than that your average person.

It makes me sad that people will go to a concert or baseball game and raise their hands to celebrate but they won't lift a finger let, alone raise their hands to celebrate the One who put them on the planet in the first place.

I get really concerned when anyone but Jesus is put on a pedestal.
Even if (especially if?) it is an evangelist of some sort. Kind of creeps me out how obsessed I have seen some get with a certain evangelist or author even. There is a fine line between inspiration and false idols. In my opinion.

And I even get saddened by the fact that it seems that everyone and everything is to be tolerated...
...except seems.

I am finding that I have to purpose myself to find the good in the world...because it really feels like a whirlpool...where things are getting worse and worse. The world is really so messy. I am homesick for Heaven more than ever in my life.

I look inward a lot to find the happy my kids, my family and friends.

It may have taken me until near 30 to figure it out but I think I know the purpose of life.

Love God, Love others. It's as simple as that.

Everything else is a waste. Especially worshiping false idols.

It's not that celebrities aren't worthy of love...just no more so than you...or me...or anyone else you know. It's just when you have to angle your eyes to look up to anyone but Jesus that there is a problem.

Make sense?



Carol said...

I totally agree with you! I wonder if Billy Graham will receive this much news air time when he passes on to Glory?


P.S. Your baby son was born the same day as my Grandson, Ethan.

Tina said...

Thank you! Its past time someone finally said what I was thinking!

nikihas3 said...

Thank you. I feel the same way.

Zertuchina said...

I agree with you on the whole celebrity issue. I rarely even watch the news on tv anymore, seams like they care more about the jon and kate thing (I still have no idea who they are) than what happens around the world.
I think that most things should be tolerated though, unless it interferes with others' lives or hurts people, or takes their freedom. As and atheist I face intolerance from people around me, so Christians aren't alone in this. I think we are all guilty of a little intolerance.
Anyway, love your blog, keep it up.

Jeanette said...

Yes, I agree: love God, love is the very core and foundation of who we were created to be.
I find good all over the world. In nature because it is His creation and in humans because they are made in the very image of God. I believe that He is making all things new and restoring all things to Himself and therefore things are getting better not worse.
I love your blog and I love your creativity expressed in your shop.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Awesome post! I totally agree with you!

BTW - Don't feel bad, I can't get my 2 boys to nap simultaneously either, lol.

Margaret said...

You are so right, I am so sick of hearing about it.

There is still good in our world though. I just spent a week as recreation coordinator at our VBS. We had about 60 kids who came faithfully every day to learn, worship, and sing thier hearts out for our lord. It was a great week, and I am so blessed to have been apart of it. Especially with all that is going on in our world that is not for God's glory.

forever folding laundry said...

It makes perfect sense, and you're right. The world is a mess, and getting worse all the time. Very good post, even if it's not a happy, fuzzy topic. :)


Smilie girl said...

I totally agree. It was very weird how much TV time he got yesterday. It is very sad that he died but lots of people die every day and that's sad too. There is very little time given to the things that matter.

Jules said...

amen, amen, amen.
yesterday 700 children in africa died of hiv/aids.
one michael jackson died.
what is wrong with the world?

Traci said...

Thank you for NOT being afraid to "go there"
We had to turn the news literally after about 15 mins of watching the coverage on MJ because its not just the fans but the media was making this man sound like a hero who they had JUST covered not so long ago for molesting kids and EVERYONE knows he did it....sick!!!!
As for our gov. Please keep preaching it. I cover this A LOT on my f.b. They also just passed an energy bill that will hike our electric and gas bill WAAAAAAAAAY up...big time!!! NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!!!! Even alot of my christian friends are busy shopping, swimming, sipping their lattes, etc and everyone thinks Im an alarmist............sigh.
Keep on!!!!!

dixie said...

makes complete sense :)

Raquel said...

Hi there, I've been reading your post for a while and I totally agree with you. Why do they get special treatment when other people who are probably much better than they are die on a daily basis without anyone knowing.

Candice said...

AMEN!! Took the words from my mouth. thank you.

alyssa said...

no kidding. he disgusts me

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

well said!

Amy Bell said...

i think that the media is shocked by mortality...i mean...when we all saw MJ a few years ago he looked awful...awful. and yet celebrities are elevated to a spot where everyone is shocked....people think that the celebs have it all together.

i never want to be famous...ever. never have. i love being a regular mom and living my life....i can't imagine the stress/anguish in Jackson's was well as the anguish he caused innocent children....awful.

i do wonder about what the Lord's thoughts are....He certainly knew Jackson...secretive or not....He knew him....and I agree with your post....and it makes me i pray for my kiddos...what will be the norm as they get older...what will be accepted...i just see the "tolerance" level for Christianity lowering....

great post today...had me thinking all day.

Jackie ♥ said...

Thank you so much for sharing your well as my heart. You seem to find a way to share it beautifully without offending. I really pray people see that their lives are nothing compared to life in Christ and eternity.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Em said...

I'm not against what you said but I do have to add... is it wrong to spend a little time remembering people that were a huge part of your childhood? Farrah was before my time... Ed McMahon too but I grew up with MJ and his music was pretty fabulous. I don't worship him by any means, but I was sad when he died. It brought back memories of roller skating in my garage to The Way You Make Me Feel and trying to learn the Thriller dance. I know your post isn't about just taking a moment to remember him but the HUGE media storm and yeah, that is annoying to me too... he is dead, it's over, move on... but you play music on your blog and where would we be without the "arts"... this world needs music and theater and entertainment and we should be able to celebrate it... a little :) Carol asked if Billy Graham would be remembered the same? Well, I consider him a celebrity and why would he be any different than Michael Jackson? If it werent for radio or TV, we wouldn't know Billy Graham. I think it is great that you don't hold back on your blog, I LOVE each and every post... but I feel it's ok to take a moment to relive some 80's memories, listen to a little Billy Jean and remember those who left a permanent mark on our lives. By the way, Billy Mays just died too and I will forever remember him when I add Oxy Clean to my laundry :(

Kindred Spirits Photography said...

I have followed your blog for some time and enjoyed it. I am not quite sure what I could have said to offend you in my response to your blog, or why you chose not to post it. From the way you present yourself on your blog I felt it was safe to state my opinion and offer a different view from yours.

Laurie said...

Just read this post today. AMEN sister! I too am dealing with a bit of depression lately with all that is going on in the world and worrying about my children's future here on earth. If I didn't have two little kiddos, I don't know that I would be quite as down as I have been lately. Thank goodness we have hope in Christ!

Sara Neufeld said...

oooh,yeah, preach it girl!

Karen said...

I haven't watched much news lately but I am wondering if the whole Michael Jackson thing is misdirected. I can completely understand people mourning the loss of him as an icon of music and as an entertainer.
I think sometimes when people famous pass, other people lose sight of the whole story. It is sort of nice for me to consider that maybe when I die people will remember the positive things I have done and the contributions I have made along the way and maybe they won't focus on the mistakes I have made.
While I can't agree with MJ's lifestyle and I certainly find the things that he was accused of doing completely disgusting and inexcusable, there is also a part of me that feels so sorry for his totally abnormal and seemingly lonely life. (This is not me making an excuse for the wrongs he may have committed) I know people say that he had all the money in the world so he could have done anything he wanted so we shouldn't feel sorry for him but when I look at the whole story, how his father was, how he grew up and how his life was never "normal" I can't help but feel a little sad. MJ was thrust into the spotlight at such a young that, in my opinion, he was such a megastar at the age where he could have chosen another life for himself, his life still would have never been normal, so really, his life was decided for him.
Imagine never going to school with other children, never learning to form normal relationships, never playing on the playground with other kids, never going on a normal trip to the beach with your family.
I think its important to look at the entire picture. So excuses for poor behavior but just credit where credit is due, fault where fault is due and sometimes understanding for a sad, sad existence.

LisaAnn said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I found it refreshing to see that you have your head screwed on straight and you see the oddity of our current world. You write well and your blog is lovely!

Blessings :)

JL Hall said...

I do see where you are coming from but I don't think that it has anything to do with christianity. I am not a christian, I was raised in the mormon religion and have since left the church, but I can see where you are coming from. Although, I think he may be remembered more for his music because globally MJ is known for his music and only secondly for things that he may or may not have done. I choose to remember the good times I had dancing around the kitchen to his music with my sisters- and the joy that that brought to our house- and not so much the person.

Carol, I don't think Billy Graham will be remembered in the same way- only because music is universal- MJ is known and appreciated world wide for his music- Bill Graham is only known to a small part of the population. What will matter is how you choose to remember him, and how he has touched your life.

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