s'mores. :)

Is there anything more summer than s'mores ?
We introduced Moses to them a couple of nights ago...
I think we have a new summer evening tradition. :)
Crazy busy here...not that I am complaining. :) LOTS of pillows and skirts to be done. :)
Here is a new design for the shop...
AND if you would like a skirt...but you are a small or a large...I have an offer for you. :)
The first person in each size (small and large) that sends me the measurements from a small and large skirt that fits them just right...will get $10 off of one of the scrappy skirts. :)

I need a waist measurement and hips...and length too.
The waists are elastic so a "close enough" measurement will do. :)

I now have a large and a small. Thanks ladies!

Happy day to you...back to pillow world.


Chrissie Grace said...

Is it possible that I could be your first small?
I usually wear a size 2
waist 27
hips 35
length 22-24"

Kristi said...

Love the new pillow. I want to put the words "Pray" somewhere in my house, but not sure where, or how. Your skirts are great too! I'm going to make myself a skirt, but using a pattern, and two fabrics (one on each side as it is reversible). Found a print I LOVE http://www.pbtex.com/html/clara.html (see the top three). Good luck with all the orders! I'm just kinda taking a break now, though I do have a couple of casserole carriers to make as they were big hits at the Farmer's Market!

Beth said...

i usuall wear a 12-14! all of my skirts are large...
that said:
on my favorite skirt
waist 32 (the elastic is kind of dogged out)
hips 44-43
length 27-28 (i am 6 feet tall)

Molly said...

Loved your post on false idols and celebrities. I wish more people would think like you and me. I am so blessed to have found your blog when I did last year. You are upbeat, funny and inspirational. I read your blog daily! It is very scary how everyone puts others on a pedastal except God. This world becomes more and more scary everyday and I long for when our maker returns to bring us home. Thanks Crystal for making my day everyday with your great posts from a Christian heart :)
~Molly P

Dawn said...

I know someone already left a comment for the first size small, but I would still be interested, even at the full price!

I don't want to assume that you will make one, so could you contact me if you can? I could give you my size and measurements then.

Thank you so much! :)


Candice said...

Oh man how I love smores, you really got my craving going now, your kids are just darling and seeing that little baby boy face at the top of your blog makes me want another really bad.

Whimsical Creations said...

mmmmm smores!! We made smores on a stick for my son's school b-day. They were a hit. =D

erin said...

oooooh your stuff is CUTE!!! Off to check out your etsy shop!

number17cherrytreelane said...

I love the new banner and I love smores too. We make them in the fireplace at night, outside. Love it.

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