dear friends.

Dear blog reading friends.
I felt the need to clear up a few things.
First, you may notice that occasionally your comments do not appear. Most likely this is totally due to my fat little fingers. You see, usually I check my email on our iPod touch and well...the distance between the reject button and the publish button is not that far...and quite often the reject button gets pushed when it was the publish button I was aiming for...sending your comments into internet space forever. Sadly, there is no way for me to get them back once this has occurred. This recently happened with a comment that was disagreeing with my MJ was totally accidental...if it makes you feel any better, I accidentally rejected a comment stating how great I looked for just having a baby. :)
There are few reasons that I would purposely reject a comment...if they are vulgar, profane, harassing or threatening or if they are spam.
It is OK for you to disagree with me if you can do it in a peaceful way. :)

Secondly, I was not stating that we shouldn't celebrate people who do great things. I just wish our society felt the need to celebrate the every day just as much...without elevating certain people above the every day. Let's hear as many hoorays for dads who work every day to provide for their families...or soldiers fighting the war...or moms who stay at home with their kids...or for kids who get great report cards. All of these things and more are just as important as writing great music or entertaining us on TV. Obviously I love music and am happy for it's existence...but I also love a hot shower, email, hot coffee and my dishwasher and think that those things are just as worthy to be excited for. :) Make sense?
I try REALLY hard to "love others as myself" don't have to be just like me on ANY level for me to do that...I try to see the love worthiness of anyone. :) is responsible for all the cute words that ever appear on my photos. :)

Any more comments or thoughts? I would truly LOVE to hear them and will do my best to hit "publish" and not "reject". :)



Elizabeth said...

I missed the MJ post, but I agree with you. I find it kind of sad when people are out in the streets wailing over someone they never met in person, simply because he performed music that they like, or if they were a good actor/actress. It makes me sad, because I feel it diminshes the actual relationships that we have.
I also agree, that many people have wonderful talent, and show a tremendous amount of courage, and comittment to what they do, and are never recognized for it. I think what saddens me the most, is that although Michael Jackson was very talented, and he seemed like a fairly kind person, he had serious issues in his personal life, and may have indeed been a child molester! Now, that does not dimish his talent, but it does diminsh my opinion of him dramatically. I think that it's possible, that he knew that he could get away with doing what he wanted, because he was a star, and he knew that people would idolize him no matter what. This is one good reason, to appreciate peoples talents, but not idolize them, or put them up on a pedastal, as being higher somehow then the common person. So, that's my longwinded way of saying that I agree with what it sounds like your assessment was, even though I didn't read your post. I grieve with the Jackson family for their loss, but I would feel that way for any family that just lost a son, a brother, a father.....he was just a man, with a certain talent. A very troubled man at that!

mommyholly said...

I agree with you completely on the MJ situation... Yes, his music was amazing and his career (at one point) was unstoppable. BUT I feel like celebrities are simply glorified in death in ways they were not glorified in life.. which makes me super sad! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always appreciate them!! xoxox Holly

Traci said...

Not only do people completely have priorities out of place but the media is SO misguided and WRONG!! When he was being covered for sexual abuse cases they were harsh and everyone basically treated him like O.J......knew he did it but just got off because he was a celebrity. NOW, that he is dead he is treated like someone that changed the planet for good....NO, he did not! He danced well and was very musical, so what.
What really, really, urked me was while watching the news they were RUSHING thru talking about a fallen 19 yr. old soldier. I thought they were rushing due to a commercial was about to cut them off but NO, they were rushing because they were going to Rush thru this Fallen solder/Hero's info then put Michael Jacksons picture and info up for the last 5-10 sec. before a commercial!!!!! That outraged me. A man gave his LIFE for our country yet they RUSH thru his info so they can make sure to put M.J. stuff up before a commercial. Im just really disgusted with this country on so many levels right now!!!!

Sara said...

I tagged you on my blog!

MAXimum MESS said...

I agree with what someone said about seeing people wailing in the streets over a man they haven't even met really diminishes the actual relationships that we really have. Great post.

Kindred Spirits Photography said...

First I want to thank you for taking time out of your obviously busy day to clarify the blog thing. I also want to apologize for rushing to judgement without clarifying it with you first.
I would like to say that I completely agree that the media goes way overboard when it comes to celebrities and other "newsworthy" folks. I would love to have a portion of the news be dedicated to everyday people doing normal everyday stuff. It would be refreshing.
My original comment was meant to remind folks that in our country we are innocent until we are found guilty and MJ was NOT found guilty. I have worked in a line of work where many people were accused of things they absolutely did not do and it basically ruined their lives. I am not a fan of MJ, never have been. But I do know that from a very young age he was exploited for the purpose of making his parents, producers, agents and a host of other people rich and noone, not one person ever looked out for his best interest. Yes he was bizarre and had HUGE issues. I am very sad to think of the horribly lonely life he led and that he died with no family or real friends near him. As far as the accusations that were brought against him, I will leave the judging to God.

dixie said...

you DO look great for just having a baby!

also, let's hear it for working moms too! i love mj's music but that guy was a weird duck! seriously!

la belle fille said...

I am happy to see that others feel as I do. It is sad that MJ died - as it is with any artist who shaped our world in any way (large or small). Did he really deserve all the media coverage?

You do look awesome for just having had a baby! Truly. I wish I looked as good and my baby is 3.5 years old! BTW, love your blog. I actually made a great friend through your blog. We participated in your Bad Mood day gift exchange in November, and have been fast friends since. Thank you for doing it! You made my world a little brighter as a result :-)

Stay Happy!!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I feel blessed that you are a blogger who let's people share their comments even if they disagree! I guess my bottom line on the MJ thing is that talking about his failures after he has passed is like (pardon my idiom) ... beating a dead horse ... I just don't think he needs to continue to be chastized in death. Okay... moving on, never to talk about MJ again... I am super bummed that I missed out on your SKIRT! I wish I was fast and could have sent you measurements... that is the cutest thing EVER!

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