10 things.

1. Awesome in-laws.
2. A nice place to be able to get away to.
3. Baby swans.
4. Seeing Moses and Aaron with family who love them.
5. Home cooked meals.
6. Quality time.
7. Quiet times.
8. Enjoying the Lake!
9. Five more days!
10. A great life to go home to.

Let's see your ten things you are thankful for...



Trish said...

1. Family driving 2 hours to help with yard work!
2. My kids
3. The fact that the shower I planned is now complete, Phew!
4. My best friend is going to have her first baby in 4 weeks-ish
5. My hubby
6. Jelly Bellies
7. Left over cheese cake from the shower
8. Did I mention my hubby?
9. My inspirational blogging buddies
10. My sister's upcoming open house for graduation!

Miranda Young said...

My 10 things I'm thankful for..

1. My wonderful man
2. Simon!
3. Healthy family
4. Our jobs.
5. The great strangers that bought our junk at the garage sale! 600 bucks made baby!
6. Great friends
7. Margaritas from a local Mexican joint
8. Warm and cozy house
9. Internet at work, so I can catch on blogging!
10. My eye sight - So I can see everything everyday that makes my life SO great!

MAXimum MESS said...

1. Rainy Sundays
2. Foggy mornings
3. A husband who plays with a wide awake baby at 6am while I sleep in
4. The first week of summer class is over
5. New jeans
6. A loving God
7. A big happy dog that always greets me at the door
8. Shopping trips
9. Non-fat peppermint mochas WITH the whip cream
10. An always babbling little baby boy

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