10 things.

1. Vacation!!!!
2. A husband who works hard and expects nothing in return.
3. Blue skies!
4. Two paid for cars!
5. Aaron's awesome naps on Saturday that allowed for Moses and mommy to have some good quality time!
6. As much business as I can handle!
7. A new lens!! Coming soon!
8. Being saved by grace.
9. Having lost ALL of my baby weight!
10. Peanut butter sauce!

Let's see your ten things you are thankful for!

1 comment:

MAXimum MESS said...

1. Sunday afternoon naps
2. Sunshine to lay in
3. fresh lemonade
4. Plaid shorts
5. Cute baby boy butts
6. Strawberry pie
7. A cute husband
8. yoga friends
9. french pressed coffee
10. A wonderful mother

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