a weird place for a reminder.

So this post may make you convinced that I am completely loopy.
I partly am, I will admit but not totally.
Jon and Kate plus 8 have reminded me.
I used to DVR the show on a regular basis...but then Kate got a little too crazy for me and I lost interest and before you know it, it was booted from the DVR list.
Then recently there was all that drama in the tabloids about them that I was refusing to believe. But I was curious...so back on the DVR it went for the season premier.
I barely made it through without bawling my eyes out. It. Was. So. Sad. From the looks of it and from reading between the lines...they are going down the path to divorce.
During Jon's interviews for the show he just looks so disconnected...they both do. For some reason my heart is broken for them...and their kids...ugh, those precious little ones.
The whole time I am watching it, I want to scream...WHAT CAN I DO!!!???
Loopy, right?
I am not the type to give a poo about celebrities. See my Howie Long story to prove that.
But something about this just kills me. As I watched and listened I could hear their pain...as they realized that this is what it has come to. All of the past talk about always being there for their kids...renewing their vows, etc...seems to be all for nothing as they sit at this new stage.
I prayed for them during commercials...yes I know, loopy. But not...because I felt like I needed to...because for some crazy reason I felt like I needed to do something for those poor broken people that I don't know.
And all at once it hit me...and I nearly did cry. How VERY precious my marriage is...how delicate and fragile it really is. And we have a good marriage. And so did they at some point, I assume. But it looks like one too many things came between them. When there should be nothing between them but God, undying love and concern for the other.
It shook me a little...makes me think twice about the things I do in a day and how I need to be as a wife.
And Jon and Kate reminded me. Nothing should be between me and my husband and the Lord. Not the junk of the day to day, not the chores, or the crazy kid days. Or the kids. I can't let the little things creep in there...because before you know it...there would be hundreds of little things. And when you are crowded with all those things...the Enemy can creep in all the easier.
I should always be above reproach in my actions around others...especially with the opposite sex (it looks like Jon was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the press just ran with it).
I think Jon and Kate are a reminder that marriage needs to come first...not "other"...ever.

I am not passing judgement on them at all...I obviously know nothing about their day to day life and what happened to lead them to where they are...And I sincerely pray for them to have a marriage that is healed...wouldn't that be an awesome testament to the world?

I am thankful for the reminder that marriage is beautiful and precious and needs tending to just like anything else I want to grow.

"...A cord of three strands is not quickly broken"
Ecclesiastes 4:12



Anonymous said...

I just read this post:
and then yours too.
You are right--marriage is a precious gift from the Lord and we need to hold tight and seek Him.

Lynette said...

I felt the same way watching their show last night and been feeling silly as i have prayed for them throughout the day. I am not hugely into celebrities either and did not watch the last season at all because it was hard for me to watch Kate. I watched last night due to all the hype and I was so sad for them and their kids. I hope that GOd can bring healing to their relationship, that would be great for the world to see!
Great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

No you're not loopy.

I was praying for their kids more than them. Marriage is hard work, they need to realize what is important.

The limelight sure did change them in some ways!

Sara Neufeld said...

I've been doing the same thing! I just wanted to do something...to write them a letter or SOMETHING! Just to say, don't give up, fight for your marriage! I had just read their book a couple of months ago...now to watch the premier last night was heartbreaking. The devil will certainly get a foothold if you let him. It was a good reminder indeed. I will continue to pray for them...God can turn this around!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...


Jeanette said...

Great post. Excellent reminder!
BTW, I read your other post...the Howie one...and thought you were talking about Howie Mandel! I thought, "Gee, he doesn't look that big on TV"

Karin Schueller said...

I don't think praying for them at commercial is one bit loopy. I feel so sad for them... not only do they have to go through this, but it is in the public eye. Imagine somethings so painful, and wanting to deal and HEAL with your spouse, and the world not letting you. Divorce is shameful for many people, and they can't even try to deal with this quietly. It breaks my heart. I am not a big tabloid person... and refuse to believe anything, good or bad that is in them. But watching them, they both seemed simply defeated. Defeat is a sad place. :( Anyway, I am right there with you. I hope they find some way to make it work.

Jaime said...

This is my first time to comment here, although I have been to your blog before...I love your creativity, btw. But I just feel the same way as you. I stopped watching them a while back, but DVRd it last night and just was heart broken. I did go to bed last night praying their hearts will be softened so they can get rid of all the anger and the past and FIGHT for their marriage. And those precious kids...oh, just heartbreaking. I really don't care much about the show itself, but I DO care about their marriage. I will continue to pray they can work it out.

sara said...

I feel the same way- I have not watched them a lot- but I have heard what is going on and I am sad too. Wow- I am thankful for my marriage -it is the Grace of God that we are where we are.

Tori said...

you know, i watched the same thing last night..and just bawled. it broke my heart too. they dont seem to have hope or even the will to fixing anything. it is very sad...very very sad. i am also thankful for my marriage..and i hope that someday, they can fix all this.

Teresa said...

Great post! Thank you. Just like you, I had fallen off the J&K+8 bandwagon until this season's premier. It was heartbreaking to watch. I always thought that they would be the couple who showed the world that, warts and all, marriage can withstand so much if you fight for it and keep up the good stuff. I pray for them too and hope this season ends with a miracle at the hands of our loving God who can heal anything. All our prayers can certainly do some good!

Teresa said...

(Second comment...) I was so inspired by your post that I linked it as an example on my blog today (http://happyishappydoes.com) for a new weekly feature I'm calling "Turn It Around Tuesdays." Encouraging folks to find the silver linings in life. Hope you don't mind, but it is such a good way of turning a sad situation into a wonderful reminder. Thanks again.

maribeth said...

you are so not loopy. i find myself to be much more emotional when pregnant and/or nursing. i also find i am more emotional when i can make a connection to the situation. and, as mommies and wives, it is not difficult at all to find a connection with jon & kate. where at one point, we watched because we couldn't imagine being in her shoes (twins + sextuplets), now we watch because we pray not to be in their situation (no matter how they got to this point). it is so sad. thank you so much for your thoughts. they are so true and help remind me to beware not to put things before my marriage.

SarahRachel said...

I spent all of my labor catching up on Jon and Kate during the all day marathon (I hadn't watched this season) and then held my newborn as I watched the premiere. I thought it was very sad, too. Especially when she broke down at the end. He seemed very cold and disconnected like you said. Alan was watching with me and he said a lot of the same stuff that you did. He kept saying how sad it was and when it was over and I was totally thinking about something else he said "Let's never be like that. Let's never become strangers like that." I guess it had affected him more than I had realized. Great post, Crystal.

Jessica said...

oh crystal. i feel the SAME way. :/ i don't watch the show and i could care less about celebs, etc. but once i starting hearing the hype and seeing the gossip mags ... i just felt so sad. as you know, marriage and divorce are close to my heart ... and it just always makes me so sad to hear about a dissolving relationship ... especially one with so many children involved. i pray that they do not go down the divorce route and work on their relationship. i pray they let God into their hearts and let Him help them. ok, off my soapbox ... ;o)

nikihas3 said...

I did the same thing. I kept hoping they were going to say they were going to be fine and they were going to work it out no matter what, but those words never came out of their mouths. When little Leah told Jon she wanted him to come home I lost it. I pray for them.

Molly said...

I think the media feeds off of everything people do,even my local news channel does it to local folks. I love Jon and Kate plus 8 and I feel so sad for them. I didn't watch the premier but saw clips of it on GMA. I don't think it is one bit weird or loopy that you prayed for them because they need all the prayers and guidance from God they can get. We need more people like you in this world that would pray for total strangers. Your inspiring everyday!! Hope your week is going great!!
~Molly P

Unknown said...

Oh, I am so glad so many other people feel the same way as I do. My heart was broken when I saw the show. And I have to confess that I got sucked in after all the media hype. But then after watching the whole episode, I just felt horrible for thinking of them as a tabloid story instead of a hurting family.

And aren't they Christians themselves???! I've seen older documentaries of them where they discuss their faith and even talk about their church family. Oh I pray they will seek the Lord during this unsettled time!

Thanks for posting and reminding us that marriage is a precious, priceless, and fragile thing and that we must nurture it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

BlueJShop said...

Ditto to the above...I had to watch it even though I don't like the show and thought they were not close from the beginning. I still teared up a little and felt for them.

Holly said...

beautifully written, sweet friend. awesome reminder. xoxoxoox

Amanda said...

girl...my thoughts exactly!! I was so sad watching them and also prayed for them. The thing that upset me the most is that neither of them said that they were committed to the marriage and committed to doing whatever it took to make it work. They seem so far past that point and it broke my heart.

Jackie ♥ said...

Thank you for sharing your heart on this...I'm glad I wasn't the only one praying for them. It totally breaks my heart, knowing that they are christians, and yet seem to be so hopeless right now. Like you said, we all need to pray for them God can heal their marriage and it would be an awesome testimony!
Have a great day,

Elizabeth said...

Funny thing is, I had never seen the show until recently, but people are always telling me about it, because I have 7 kids. I was thinking about writing something very similar to what you just said in my blog, after watching it recently. My heart breaks for that family! I pray that God will intervene, and that we as Christians will be compelled to pray for them instead of judging them. Thanks for your uplifting thoughts.

meg duerksen said...

so true.
i keep shouting at the tv when i see their story pop up "Quit the show!! work out your marriage! just quit the show!"
but they can't hear me. :)
awesome to see yourself through them. such insight.
it is sad.

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