i am so thankful.

moses has an ear infection.
and it reminds me to be thankful.
weird? maybe.
or not so much.
we had to take him into the doctors yesterday. it was only the third time he has ever had to go for a non-well baby visit.
only the third time.
i am thankful for that. so thankful.
how many children have to go three times a week?
or to multiple doctors a day?
my boys have always been healthy and huge.
i don't think Moses has ever dipped below the 80th percentiles for height and weight.
at Aaron's 2 month check up this week he was 98th for height and 90th for weight.
i am SO thankful for that.
i am thankful for my healthy babies.
Moses having an ear infection reminds me that there are mommies who deal with so much more and if they can handle that...we can handle an ear infection and all it brings.
i love how God uses our "rough patch" to bring me to a place of thankfulness.
All for the Glory of God.
makes sense to me today.

happy friday to you!


Karin Schueller said...

You are an amazing woman, Crystal. You are absolutley right, of course. But sometimes it's so HARD to remember. :) Kudos for being a good mom and a good person. ;)

Amanda said...

I love your happy spirit! Did you ever see the movie Pollyanna? Growing up we would always play the glad game. It's hard to be sad or mad when you realize how much you have to be thankful for! Have a great weekend friend!

number17cherrytreelane said...

What a great perspective and one that we all should have. We are all so blessed....

Trish said...

Glad to hear your positive side!

We are on the opposite side of that spectrum. Going to the doctors all the time... x-rays, sleep studies, therapies, surgeries (already 2 scheduled for this year) shots, evaluations, please fill out this form and tell me what your daughter can do... enough already. I think if I have to fill out one more form I will have to wad it up and throw it back in there face... okay maybe not, but I hate those things!

So happy your boys are healthy and thriving...

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