i. am. so. old.

And do you know why that is? Well, one reason is that I went to bed at 8pm a couple of nights ago...and I loved it. :) The other reason is that I am SO excited about grass. So very excited.
This is our backyard...or was our backyard. We have been trying forever to figure out what to do with this patch of earth back here...mulch just makes it dirty...stones seem very un-kid friendly and for some reason we couldn't get past those two options.
Then I asked Doug if we could just try sod...it ended up being only $24 to do this back patio area. I also added an edge around more of the garden area around the bbq.
And here is the finished product. I. Love. It!!!! It completely transformed the whole area and provided a nice finishing touch to all of the work we have put into this backyard over the past three years...grass, fence repair, fence staining, planting, edging and more. Now it provides the perfect place to play and hang out. I love it all!
And just for good measure...this is what the backyard looked like when we moved in...see how the fence is all uneven and messy looking? It literally looked like five different people built it at different times...none of which knew what they were doing. :) It had weird garden boxes...that ugly white stone walk, a vine that attracted beetles and spiders and no plants. (Sorry the photo is terrible...I scanned it in from the brochure we got when we looked at the house the first time).
I love what it looks like now! :)
And just one more shot of my sweet little dumpling. The first photo and this one above are a couple of good shots I got of him in the yard today. I swear...sometimes he is so sweet I could just nibble on him! :)



*jimaie.marie* said...

Aaron is SO HANDSOME!!!!

BlueJShop said...

Glad you like your new backyard. Be sure to water the heck out of that sod (everyday) so you don't have to re-do it again! Use a sprinkler.

Aaron: sooo cute. :)

Pamela said...

Love the backyard! Looks great. We did sod last year and LOVE it!

Jamie said...

what handsome little guys. I would give anything for soft grass! Texas grass is so.not.soft!

windycindy said...

You have a wonderful backyard escape!
Your son is so adorable! Many thanks for sharing.....Cindi

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