crafting therapy.

lunch bag.
drink coasters.
baby quilt.
an hour or two at the sewing machine is much cheaper than therapy.
the kids are great. my husband is wonderful. i am dealing with "other".
maybe i'll get a lot done while i am sorting it all out.
praying for wisdom and patience with each stitch.



Jill said...

paint and glitter are my therapy! :) I'll say extra prayers for you while I'm in my "therapy" mode!


Mummy McTavish said...

Praying for you too.

Those crafty little items are so sweet. I really love the coasters!

Chelsea Ling said...

Those coasters are so sweet :) you inspire me to get practising on my machine.


Letti said...

Your projects are adorable. I love the quilted blanket.

Meg said...

Hey, I'm so sorry I haven't got back to you..I'm dealing with other too..and its miserable. Maybe I will dig my sewing machine out too.
Lot of luv!

mommyholly said...

The perfect therapy, right??! And your creations are SO CUTE, as usual!! :) xoxox Holly

meg duerksen said...

this is so cute.
i know EXACTLY what you mean about crafting therapy. :)
i have some sidewalk chalk for you. i will try to mail it soon. you are going to love them!

Trish said...

why must we have to deal with "other" ?

here's to beautiful spring days, tweeting birds, blooming flowers and mr. sunshine :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE the lunchbag!! So bright and SO eco-friendly!!

All your goodies are adorable :)

(giveaways going on - come by!)

Lace said...

An hour or two? That's it?!? Ahhh, how I wish for your super speedy abilities!

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