casual friday.

Do they come cuter? seriously. :)
I have LOTS of cute new things to show you(ok, like three)...and one idea that I am SUPER excited about...I hope to share really, really soon. :)
But for now...this photo makes me feel so so blessed. Just look at those wonderful boys. :) My mind can hardly fathom how blessed I am to have them in my life...and how absolutely wonderful they are...I can safely say that we are back to pre-Aaron normal but now with Aaron. :) We hardly ever have to give time outs and Moses is back to his sweet, silly self. :)
We are looking forward to the weekend...Doug is off! :)
We hope to either play hard or work hard (if it rains). :)

More soon...I hope. :)
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Sara Luke said...

Oh my word, when did Aaron get so big?!

Simply Me... said...

yes your boy are something else! and yes Aaron has sure grown... Happy week-end :) loving the tie.


My crazy crazy life said...

Okay, that shirt with that funky tie is beyond adorable. You have the most beautiful boys. I have 3 of my own and boys are just a blast, aren't they???

Katie said...

The boys look so different to me!! Cute! BTW.... I tried your Dump cake recipe for teacher appreciation week & the teachers loved it!! Thanks for your wonderful recipes! Keep them coming because I always try them out!! :) Have a fun weekend! (pray for no rain!!)

forever folding laundry said...

Two sweeties, for sure! Enjoy your weekend!


Sauer Family said...

Wow, Aaron is so big!! Makes my little Ana look like smurfette and they are only four days apart. Can't wait to meet Aaron and see you guys soon again.

MAXimum MESS said...

Love that tie onsie! Too cute!

SarahRachel said...

Ha ha- I need to get a onsie like that. Too cute! They are precious boys and make me SO excited to have two little guys of my own!! =)

Michelle said...

Love the tie onesie

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