10 things.

1. A nice long weekend with my husband.
2. A clean house!
3. A smiling Moses.
4. A good dinner with friends last night.
5. Church this AM.
6. A successful business.
7. Joy!
8. Excitement for the future.
9. Toothless grins.
10. Hot coffee. :)

Ok, let's see your 10 things for today...remember just spout out the first 10 things that you are thankful for! :)

Happy Sunday!


Koningskind said...

1. The sun shining bright.
2. My son and daughter having fun with their little nephew.
3. A day together with the whole family.
4. Having dinner outside the house.
5. Knitting in the sun
6. A message from my friend.
7. A glass of cool applejuice
8. Taking a hot shower.
9. Having another day ahead with the four of us.
10. Going to bed early with a good novel.

MAXimum MESS said...

1. Beautiful weather
2. Allergy medicine ;)
3. Coffee made for me by my sweet husband
4. VBS at church this week
5. Summer dresses
6. Having a few more months to stay home with my son
7. Painting
8. Trips to the park
9. A wonderful Creator
10. Farmer's market potatoes

Katy Frame (Kate Creates) said...

Love this idea. :) I made my list on my blog. Hope that's alright! Have a great Sunday.

Teresa Tysinger said...

1. Antibiotics
2. Sunday urgent care offices
3. A helpful husband
4. Mother-in-law who came to watch daughter while I went to a church meeting.
5. Sun coming out after BIG rain storm.
6. Healthy pregnant sister.
7. Flexible work environment.
8. Dinner with friends.
9. Surprise call from best friend.
10. The PERFECT song coming on the radio at the PERFECT time. :)

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