10 things.

1. Grass in my backyard!
2. Nice warm weather.
3. My MOPS ladies. :)
4. My sweet sweet Moses.
5. My always happy Aaron.
6. My handsome (sassy) honey.
7. Being loved.
8. Being saved by Grace.
9. Vacation sooooon.
10. Meeting my new nephew soon!

Let's see yours thankful list...don't think about it...just write the first ten things that come to mind...



The Sleepy Dreamer said...

Good reminder of appreciating the simple things in life

SarahRachel said...

Love those! I miss MOPS! I haven't found it in Roanoke but loved it last year in NC!
1.My family is ALL coming today (Mom, Dad, three sisters and my little nephew)
2.Tomorrow I get to meet my new baby boy!
3.Tomorrow I will not be pregnant! =)
4.My house is very clean due to crazy nesting!
5.Jackson is REALLY potty trained!
6. My mother in law rocks.
7. My church friends are bringing us meals so I don't have to cook!
8. Jackson's cheerful smile every morning.
9. My hope really IS in Christ!
10 My hubby is so helpful and kind and he's an AWESOME Dad!

Karin Schueller said...

Crystal, this is so good for me. Thank you. :)

1. Warm air
2. The parade on Monday
3. Friends who invite your kids to sleepover. :)
4. Those friends' parents!!!!
5. A good movie
6. Choice
7. Davis sleeping in this morning
8. My sister
9. Paper Plates (my dishwasher is broken)
10. My kids who forgive me when I overreact. :)

Trish said...

1.kids that are potty trained day and night.
2.my God
3.lazy weekend
6.the things that my girls say
8.my sewing machine
9.addie snuggling in bed with me this morning
10.clean laundry that's put away :)

HeatherPie said...

Hey there, hp here. Just a note to let you know that I love the silhouettes! Simple, whimsical, traditional and amazing! I can hardly wait to fill out the order slip and to tell all my friends. Thank God for creative folk like you, who make us look a little better . . . hp

Just me.....Shelly said...

1)peanut butter & chocolate on waffles
2)the way lily's hair smells right at this moment on my lap..mmm
3)being with family all day today
4)windows open, fresh air
6)laundry all done
7)crafting night tonight
8)coffee (2nd cup)
9)hugs from hubby just now
10)birdies chirping

Teresa Tysinger said...

Here are the first few things that come to mind today (in no specific order):
1. Church nursery workers who love my little one.
2. Rainy Sundays
3. Sunday naps.
4. Still dreaming with my husband about the future.
5. Coupons.
6. When my hubby can be home for lunch with us after church before going to work.
7. Family who seem close even when far away.
8. My L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Everyday) Group even though I don't get to see them much anymore.
9. Bed time with Emma when she lets me rock her to sleep.
10. Being loved by God no matter what.

Splendid Things said...

*Good Health
*My Lucas that always makes me laugh. Every single day
*My Zachary that makes my heart smile
*My husband that lets me be me, but still I am challenged to be the best I can be by him
* That God loves me...I mean REALLY loves me
* Zachary's teacher
* The great walking trails near our home
*Good girlfriends
*My sewing machine
* chocolate! :)

Chrissie Grace said...

I listed mine on my blog.
Feels good to be grateful!:)

MAXimum MESS said...

1. a rainy sunday
2. a snuggly little boy
3. no class for three more weeks!
4. a three day weekend
5. catching up with old friends
6. flowers on the kitchen table
7. a wonderful church family
8. being settled
9. front porch swings
10. clean sheets on the bed

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