10 things.

I want to try to do this every Sunday...when my brain lets me remember. Be sure to leave your 10 things you are thankful for today in the comments. :)

1. We made it to church today!
2. Everyone did well at church today! :)
3. Doug was off this weekend!
4. Aaron is sleeping SO well at night!
5. Friends coming for dinner!
6. Brownies just out of the oven!
7. Finally getting to the grocery store...it was echoing in our fridge...that's how empty it was!
8. The Tuesday playgroup I am hosting starts this week!
9. Going to pick strawberries tomorrow!
10. My three beautiful and wonderful boys!



Karin Schueller said...

1. Aaron's cute little tootsies to look at and make me smile. :)
2. Haley (dd) doing so great on her 5k
3. Davis' (ds) hugs this morning
4. Davis (ds) tucking me in on the couch this afternoon
5. The fact that I finished over 20 wallets for my shop. :)
6. The fact that when I told the kids we were turning off the TV/Dish for a while, they didn't even bat an eyelash.
7. The fact that movies at the library are free :)
8. The opportunity to be in a show in Detroit next weekend!
9. Crystal's blog, which reminds what things are truly important in life... family.
10. Etsy, which brings in an income for us right now that we need. :)

Leah S. said...

1.) It was warm and sunny out today
2.) Husb was able to take a break from work today
3.) We enjoyed a movie and dinner with friends
4.) The monkey bread I made was a hit at dinner...even though I used the wrong pan to bake it in.
5.) The house is clean
6.) I get to help family friends with a vegetable garden
7.) Im thankful for all the great produce we are gonna get because of this garden
8.) My sunburn will turn into a tan!!
9.) My pedicure still looks nice
10.) No allergy headache today

Kristi said...

1.) Watching Ella sing in her music recital this past weekend.
2.) Though I'm missing my dance job I will enjoy the mornings off for a couple more weeks while the kids are at school
3.) Our parents. I love mine and am glad Jason's are around for him to enjoy.
4.) Sewing. It makes me so happy and I love sewing for others.
5.) The people in our new small group.
6.) The way God keeps talking to me and that I am actually listening for Him to serve Him by serving others.
7.) Garage sales.
8.) Fabric.
9.) Things are coming together for Farmer's Market for my table.
10.) Blog friends

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