10 things.

I am feeling more peaceful already. Thanks to all the wonderful feedback from all of you lovelies. It blesses me that even though we don't "know" each other in the traditional sense you still care enough to pray and encourage. Who knew the internet could be so lovely?
I know for certain what I need to do. And something that one of you said rang like a loud clear bell to me...basically the statement was "You know what you need to do...it's just accepting the consequence that you have to deal with". True. So very true. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. I am seriously more peaceful already and working on what I know I need to do now. Won't be easy but must be done.

I am also trying to refocus...face in the direction of Jesus and really study the details of his work in my life...now that the fog is lifting and I can see more clearly. I thought I would start with a list...ten things I am thankful for. And I challenge you to do the same before you leave here...surely we could all use a little refocus?

1. My patient and wonderful husband.
2. The sun shine today!
3. my morning coffee.
4. Aaron sleeping for a 8 1/2 hour stretch last night.
(may have been longer if I hadn't checked on him).
5. My sweet Moses.
6. A new book to read (Crazy Love).
8. Vacation in one month!
9. friends everywhere!
10. Clarity...even if it hurts.

How about you? Can you list ten things right now? I would love to see them



Karin Schueller said...

A fantastic idea! Already did my post on my blog with my top 10. I needed that! Thanks Crystal!

Amy Bell said...

so glad to see you are doing better...i know that in our fallen world...it is hard to find the contentment we desire...we have a situation, too, that i just cried out to the Lord on yesterday...2 years of dealing with it...i asked him to help me accept that the answer may not be here...i may have to wait for that face to face with Him one day....i think it will make heaven all the sweeter...

happy mother's day...

BlueJShop said...

HaPpY MoThEr's DAy to you, Crystal! :)

Trish said...

Happy Mother's Day...

Hope you have a lovely day!

Sending you hugs and High Five's across the miles :)

MonkeySeeMonkeyDo said...

In no particular order:

1. My loving parents who get me through the day
2. My amazing children
3. Sleeping more than 6 hours a night
4. Being able to stay home with my little ones
5. Being able to proudly say I'm a christian
6. The roof over our heads
7. Salvation
8. Chocolate
9. Perspective
10. Faith

I'm glad to 'hear' things are looking up :)

Lace said...

Happy Mother's Day, Crystal! I hope it's lovely!

Becky said...

I got Crazy Love a couple weeks ago. I haven't started it yet but I am very excited to. It looks really good. : )

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