here but exhausted...

mentally not physically exhausted. Here dealing with some of my same old issues. The ones I have to conquer every so often. This time they are especially painful and exhausting. I can't really go into them here...wish I would probably help.

It's been a really long week. I am hoping for a refreshing weekend...a visit with Uncle B, Easter dinner with friends...seeing one of my very best friends on Wednesday...spending time pondering the wonder and beauty that is Easter.
Here is this again. Always refreshes me.

Thankful for My King once again...and thinking on His limitless love and His selfless sacrifice. Wishing more than ever in my life that He would come back already.

I'll be here waiting.
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number17cherrytreelane said...

I am sorry you are going through things right now and will keep you on my heart. Thank you for the video reminder. I love watching that and especially on this Good Friday, it was the perfect reminder I needed of the amazing God I serve. Happy Easter.

Lace said...

Hope you're okay. I will send a little prayer up for you, dear! Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Courtney said...

lifting you precious thing!

Lauren said...

Still praying for you, even though I'm not your 'secret' sister anymore! =)

Holly said...

Oh sweetie. Thinking of and praying for you.

Maybe I've been going through my 4 month yucks in order to help you? I'd love to talk. Email or call when those sweet boys allow it and if you're up for it.

Love you. xoxoxo

Amy Bell said...

i have been praying for you. i have a friend who told me something really profound a couple of weeks ago...or, it was to me. :) she said that when she feels condemnation or discouragement from reason. she simply says..i do not receive that...i don't receive it. it is not from the Lord. i have really tried to remember this during my week...and it makes a difference. a lot of times, people show you the side they want to see...they had no problem adjusting to 3, 4, 5, 18 kids...:) but, the truth is..if your heart is takes time to get into a routine of caring for another...and, your heart is is your head...full of prayers for your new precious baby...

you know you know that i still struggle with the balance at times...but i also know you...and i know those 2 boys are BLESSED to have you.


meg duerksen said...

sorry you are struggling.
i will be praying for you. it can't be too bad if you get to look into those sweet eyes everyday!

happy easter....i mean it!
take care.
i will be thinking about you.

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