Finally a warm spring like weekend with NO rain!! :) It was beautiful and productive...even if the boys both went crazy on Saturday. :) Just wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful feedback from the last post. I really REALLY want this blog to be encouraging to all who come here...and I hope that it helps you get to know me better, too. :)
So like I said...Beautiful, warm, dry weather! :) Lots of bare toes at our house...Moses has his first pair of flip flops (or slippy shoes as he calls them). It's been cute to watch him learn to walk in them...and to occasionally look down at his feet to see the shoe wedged between the wrong two toes. :)
I just threw this in because I think he's so handsome. :)
We had a visit from my Uncle B this weekend...Moses ADORES Uncle B much so that I can't tell him that he is coming until like two minutes before he is about to pull in the driveway or I have to hear Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? Untol B? You get the picture right? So Uncle B comes to see us once or twice a month...and by come to see us I mean come to see Moses. :) Moses loves it because when he is here Moses has his undivided attention...he never brings mounds of toys or gifts...he brings his time and spends it all on Moses. :) I love the Moses never expects anything of him but to play cars or trains or to play in a box for hours at a time. Gotta love when someone loves your kids like that right?
Uncle B does help us out with a lot of projects around the house though, while Moses is napping of course. This weekend he taught Doug how to change his brake pads...YAY honey!! :) Then he stained our back fence for us. :)
I LOVE how it turned out...we have had to work a LOT on this fence since moving in I am itching to make a trip to Lowe's to pretty it all up with some plants and bushes. :)
Then on Sunday we got to break out the new double stroller...quite a work out on our hilly trails...but the weather was amazing and we all enjoyed getting out. :) UNTIL I got home and realized that I had locked us out of the house...oops. Luckily Doug only works fifteen minutes from home and was able to come rescue us and Moses didn't seem to mind staying outside to play. :)

And the winner of the FREE silhouette is the blogger from
She didn't leave her name but her blog is darling. :)
So mystery blogger...just contact me via Etsy to get started. :)

As for the rest of you...if you entered you can still get a silhouette...I genuinely felt bad that I couldn't do one for everyone...if you order between now and next Monday I will give you $5 off of each one you purchase! :) Just be sure you write "giveaway participant" in the notes to seller when you check out...or contact me via Etsy.

Happy Monday to you!
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number17cherrytreelane said...

What a great post this (and the last one) was. You are an encouragement!

Paul and Cheri said...

Sure wish we had an Uncle B!!! Paul spent the weekend redoing a wood floor ... wood finishing must've been the weekend subject, huh? I'm so glad to see things "normalizing" for y'all. Onward ho! xoxo

Miss G said...

looks delightful and I love your one handed photo taking with those little guys! So sweet! Kelly said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :) I'm so excited!!!! I'm sorry I forgot to sign my name on my last name is Rebecca! :) I will contact you on Etsy! YAY! said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :) I'm so excited!!!! I'm sorry I forgot to sign my name on my last name is Rebecca! :) I will contact you on Etsy! YAY!

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