Easter weekend...

We started the weekend on Friday by having Dish Network installed...the photo above is Moses flashing his tummy to the installation guy outside...yep...that's my son. :)
Moses helped me make a pound cake for Easter dessert..."help" meaning he licked the beaters. :)
We managed another year of non-candy Easter basket...full of Thomas, marshmallows and rainbow goldfish. :)
He didn't seem to miss the candy when there was play-doh in his eggs.
He showed off his "this looks painful" fake and cheesy smile.
The Easter bunny slept through most of it. :)
I made this dessert for Easter...along with homemade pulled pork and homemade mac and cheese. yummmm!
Here is Moses on Easter last year. :)
And here he is this year...hunting eggs with his good friend Kai. :)
And here they are...high-fiving each other over all the eggs they found. :)

Sadly, we didn't make it to church...I am just not ready yet...is that normal?

We did have a great Easter, though. We had some great time together as a family and then our good friends joined us for dinner and dessert.

I hope your Easter was just as lovely and full of the warmth of family you love.



Simply Me... said...

Love this post, well I love all of them! Looks like a very nice day over there;) love the picture of baby & Moses is like growing WOW! Happy Monday:)


number17cherrytreelane said...

He has gotten SO big in this last year! Your little sweetheart in bunny ears. It's all too cute!

Lace said...

Such cute pictures! I am anti-easter candy as well! I am going to try to substitute ANYTHING but candy when I'm a momma!

Glad your day was lovely! The boys are as precious as ever!

Jennifer said...

I love no-candy Easter! I'm glad to hear other people do it too. I felt like such a goof in the checkout line with my kindergarten lined paper and blank drawing notebook for my son when everyone else was stocked up with candy! Will you post your dessert recipe? It looks so easy and yummy!

Michelle said...

Moses has grown up so much since last Easter.

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