dear april.

Dear April,
(the month, not the fab lady. :))
We thought it would be nice to introduce you to a couple of things. Since you are April and infamously known here in Virginia to be cold, windy, dreary and sometimes snowy we thought that there may be a few things that you have no knowledge of since you have gone through a huge transformation and alteration of character.
For starters, meet the sun. dreary cold April here. No gray clouds or yuck weather. Mr. Sun is out in all his glory. You two will like each other. You should be sure to get together again next time you are around...only earlier.
Also, here is my nearly naked toddler in all his nearly naked glory. It was hot enough to let him be this naked without guilt or worry of what other mothers would think of me. Don't look directly at all of his paste-y whiteness.
Here he is introducing you to a Popsicle. We eat these when the weather gets over the 90's or so. They're great for cooling down. I can not remember needing to cool down in April before now.
Take a moment now, April, and say hello Mr.Pool. I am sure that I have no recollection of needing Mr.Pool in April. Ever. It is awesome. Much better then having to stare at ugly gray skies. You have met flip-flops you know I wear them nearly year round.
Now that you are aware of all the fun and fabulous things we get to use and enjoy because you have decided to play nice, we hope you keep it up. And do an encore next year. Only earlier.

Love, Virgina



Trish said...


number17cherrytreelane said...

I love it. I miss the sun. We have tons of gloom right now. Not too much, but too much to sit in the pool.

~Mama Skates~ said...

tell me about it! we were LOVING the 90 degree week/weekend...but alas, the april showers r back...not sure what u're getting in charlottesville, but here in harrisonburg it's raining cats & dogs - & it's supposed 2 for like the next week too! blah

April said...


I remember when I was little I LOVED when April(the month) rolled around....I became all egocentric....what with everyone saying and writing my name all the time...and it was even sprawled across every bulliten board and calendar around...
Ah heck...who am I kidding...I still love it. are so in luck...Chloe is very into pasty white..she loves ducks...polar bears....marshmallows....and lotion. I will be showing her your topless photo shoot when we get home are a cute little pasty thing baby.

HI C and Doug...and of course Aaron...hope you all are just Super Duper !!!!

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