During the time formerly known as "nap time" in our house, Moses was apparently hard at work. We went in to find him at the conclusion of "nap time" completely nude from the waist down...the bed was luckily still dry. He had gotten out of the sleep sack, his pants and his diaper. When Doug went in to get him he was putting sleep pants on...with both legs in one leg of the pants. So at least his "smarts" stop somewhere for now, right? "
And here is the still innocent and cute one(Moses is still cute but not nearly as innocent)...proving that you can still be adorable in a poorly focused photo. :)

Happy day to you!


Michelle said...

that is too funny!

forever folding laundry said...

What a busy boy! Just wait until they start plotting together. Then things get REALLY interesting! (Mine are 22 months apart and are able to think up all sorts of trouble to get into!)

But you're right...they are both very cute!!


BlueJShop said...

Love the Moses photo diagram!
And a collective "awwwwwwh" for Aaron's cute little self. :)

Trish said...

This is an all too familiar scene in our household as well. Only she is naked from the neck down. She usually is still wearing her sparkly dress heals and a necklace though. Should I be worried? ;)

Kids are fun!

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