a thank you...

...to my wonderful mother in law who is leaving us today. :( We are sad to see her go..she was more help than I could have ever asked for...so thanks Lillian for doing all that you did...laundry and cooking and dishes and caring for our family! We know that it is partly due to you that we are doing so well and have been able to acclimate to our new life. :)
I know I am blessed to have great in laws and we are SO thankful that she could be here...we all loved having you around and we miss you already! :)
We love you and miss you and hope you can come back again soon! :)

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Michelle said...

You were given a gift with a good relationship with your inlaws. I am so happy it made the transition easier.. Love you.

Marie said...

Congratulations on a new baby boy...I am in awe of our awesome God who is so good! I love love love my in-laws as well and it is so nice and refreshing to see others who share the same relationship and are thankful for their in-laws when that seems impossible in today's world.

forever folding laundry said...

How wonderful! You are very blessed.

Love the picture of your little blonde guy and your little dark haired guy. So cute!


Kasey said...

your babies are beautiful!!

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