If children are a reward from Him then I am sure I was given a double portion. :)
Moses helped me assemble the crib for Aaron yesterday...
Then he happily helped me demonstrate to Aaron how to lay in it. :)
Hope you are seeing the reward in your day! :)

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ME said...

You are blessed times 2. What cuties.

Margaret said...

So cute. Children are such a reward. I know that we have been rewarded greatly.

Cary said...

Every afternoon when my son wakes from his nap, my daughter goes in his room and climbs in the crib with him and they laugh and play- I just love that time. Everyday, hearing their laughter- there is nothing like watching the two of them together and seeing how much they adore one another! You have a lot of good times in store for you!

And by the way, I am so so so happy to see that you are adjusting so well to life with two- I had a much more difficult time. It seems to come natural to you!

God bless!

Blissful Babe said...

Aww. So cute. I love the crib sheets! Too cute! And what a BIG helper!!

MAXimum MESS said...

sweet pictures!

Holly said...

How sweet is that!!!??? Thanks for the happy today. Love love love your wonderful pics. xoxoxo

Chelsea Ling said...

such sweet photos! you are really blessed :)

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