the weekend...

This is my favorite position and place at the moment...a close second is behind my sewing machine...I am wondering if my couch will recover as quickly as I do? If you look closely you can see the muffin tops over my socks...that's attractive right? :)
Speaking of my second favorite place to sit...I started making these this weekend to pile on the goodies and see how it takes shape...looks almost too cute on my couch to give up...but it's in the shop now if you must... :)
This weekend a friend of mine sent me a sweet diaper cake for the baby! :) How fun is this? I LOVE Burt's of the few things I asked Doug to buy me for Christmas. :) So my friend, Leah owns a fabulous business called Diaper Cakewalk...she did an amazing job on this sweet number...Moses actually carried it around the house for a while and it never fell apart...
It was chock full of goodies and made with Pampers swaddlers...our favorite diaper! :) I will have to keep her in mind for future mama's to be because I think they make an awesome gift AND they survived a toddler testing it out!! :) Flowers can't do that, right? Plus, she is a stay at home mama to two sweet girls...and you know I love to support other moms...go check her out. :)
All in all a nice quiet weekend...just how we like it...just doing what we do. :) I have every intention of "working" right up until the baby comes...that is just how I would be so like me to stop by the post office one more time on the way to the hospital. :) That is how it was with Moses...worked with several clients the day before he was born. :) People are often asking me if I am super busy getting ready for the baby...hmmm not so much really. His room is ready...diapers are is clean...laundry is caught up...we are just waiting for him to come life until he gets here.

I was also that nerd in college that had all my papers and projects done and turned in halfway through the there is that...if there is something to be done I like to have it done already so I don't lose sleep over it...because I totally would. :)

What can we get accomplished today?

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leasletters said...

You are right! That cake is a great gift. I've bookmarked her site for future gifts for my friends. Thank you.

I just wanted to say congrats ahead of time. I will miss your posts while you are away. You are in my prayers. Here's to a very healthy delivery and many blessings to you and your family.

Have a great week.


Cary said...

That pillow is soooo cute! I just love the belly shots- makes me miss the anticipation of having a little one around!

elmaelsiena said...

Love love the pillow. I went to the shop but it was allready sold:) Love the belly shot to; Oh i miss those days:( Have a wonderful day!

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

That is a beautiful diaper cake! She did an amazing job. :O)
I know you'll get a lot of use out of all of that!
Hoping you have a beautiful, healthy baby super soon, and a speedy recovery! It's so exciting waiting for the baby to come.

Kristi said...

Look at you still creating up to the last... minute, day, week?

Great diaper cake, now how are you going to bring yourself to tear that baby apart?!

Glad you are living in the moment and enjoying today, not wishing to speed up time. It's better than way.

Holly said...

Thinking of you, sweet friend. That pillow is too darling. Love the "cake" idea. xoxoxo

Alyssa said...

fun blog! love the pillow & all of the fun colors!

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