preserving the little...and documenting the growing...part two

More ways to preserve the little bits...but first we got some very happy mail yesterday. :) Included in a fabulous box of goodies was a new little friend for Moses...who he immediately adopted. :) How *cute* is that boy!!?? :)
One of my etsy/blog reader friends was ever so kind enough to surprise me yesterday with this amazing box of goodies...some for me and some for the new little guy on the way. :) Some sweet onesies, a paci entire cookbook of crock pot recipes and some super YUMMY Blondie brownies. :) You were right Julie...they were VERY tasty warmed up with some milk. :) Thank you so much sweet friend for thinking of was definitely a bright spot in my day and Moses' too. :) Is the blog/etsy world amazing or what?
So ever since doing THIS craft from a few posts back I have been hanging onto the card stock hand print cutout of Moses' that I had...then yesterday it hit me what else I could do with it! :) Say hello to an easy keepsake! :)
I just traced the hand print onto the back of the fabric that I wanted to use...I made a left and a right out of the same hand print. :)
Then after you cut out the hands you stitch them onto a towel with a zig zag stitch...go all the way around sticking to the edge of the cutout...
Then add some coordinating ribbon/trim...if these were a girls hand prints I would have added little hearts to the center of the hands...I'll put Moses initials and age on the tag with permanent marker. :) You still have time to make these for all the grandma's out there for Valentines day...or Mother's day! :)
Next...Doug made one of these for Baby A the other day...we had already made one for Moses when he was born. It's a portable...funky and fun growth chart! :) We have one for each boy so that they can take them with them when they have their own families and measure their own kids on them one day! :)
We just bought a one by four from Lowe's...six wooden rulers and some screws...lined up the rulers and attached them with the screws. :) I love that wherever we go in life we can take can't do that with a permanent doorway.
And here is a peek at the next house pillow to go in the shop...look for it tonight or tomorrow. :)

Hope your day is great...looking forward to a good nap today! :)


Jamie said...

I love the idea of the "hand towel"-- I may do some of my kiddos, but think I'm going to embroider the name and date on the towel somewhere. (I have the compulsive need to monogram everything!)

Miss G said...

What fun, fun projects and a fun gift! Kelly

meg duerksen said...

good idea with the rulers.
love it.
and those house pillows are PERFECT. so cute. as always. :)

My crazy crazy life said...

You gotta be kidding...that is the cutest thing I've seen around...that growth chart! I wish I had those back when my 11 year old was born...super cute!

Stephanie said...

That's so sweet of your friend. I love our pacifier pod, very handy!

I'm going to have to steal the ruler idea, that's brilliant!

Amy Bell said...

take a nap!! and, eat some black licorice....has anyone been sending you old tales about how to get the little one to get here soon? :D those always cracked me up.....both my boys were born at 37



Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I love the idea of a portable growth chart...I so wish I'd thought of that when my "Babies" were small...guess I'll store that idea for the grandchildren...which are still MANY...MANY years away! LOL!

Ben and Taryn said...

I just love that growth chart idea. Super Cute!

Jessica said...

i just had to say that that is one cute picture of moses! he getting to be such a big boy! :)

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