easier and harder than i thought...

So making this boppy cover was wAAyyyy easier than I thought it would be...even using my trace and make it up technique...I think it turned out great...even Doug approved my work. :) I am thrilled with how it turned out AND I only spent around $6 to make it...plus it is way cuter than the ones in the stores...covered in baby lions and other annoying baby animals. :) Why is it that so many baby products are like that?

And for something that turned out much harder than I imagined...labor...the first time. :)
I found this on our computer...I wrote it shortly after Moses was born...
Date: 10/10/2006

As most of you know we are all at home and doing very well at adjusting to life with a newborn. Up to this point it has been way easier than we have ever thought it would be. He sleeps well (we have to wake him for feedings), he nurses like an old pro and is making the transition to having him in our lives so much easier. He is the joy of our hearts and we are loving every minute that we get to spend just looking at him.

The whole birth experience on the other hand...well that was another story. For starters, it went way faster than I ever imagined....less than 4 hours from water breaking to him being born, I'm told I pushed for about an hour. So...fast labor good...but fast labor with no epidural....not so good. I was able to get some lesser form of pain medicine but I think it might have been expired or something because I felt way more than I ever bargained for. I was apparently delirious with pain because Doug and Michelle have told me about things that I have no recollection of doing. (I apparently fired our doctor twice and told him that it wasn't fair for him to push the baby back in after I was working so hard to push him out.) At one point I apparently gave up. Obviously I didn't though and we now have a beautiful baby to show for all that pain. My incentive for making it through the last part of pushing? The doctor informed me that what pain medication I had was about to wear off, after that my stubborn streak took over and he was out soon after.

The whole hospital stay was very surreal but also very good. The nurses were wonderful to all of us (even the one nursing student that post delivery I threatened with failure if he took my hand off while removing my IV).

All and all it was a beautiful thing. Doug and I were wondering out loud to each other how anyone could not believe in God after witnessing such a miracle? It is beyond my comprehension.

Just wanted to update you on everything up until now. He continues to do well except for a tiny bit of jaundice that we are trying to work out of his system.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!

Where has the time gone!!!!???!?! I seriously am trying to wrap my head around the last 28 months or so and figure out where all this time has slipped away to...my sweet little newborn is now almost 2 1/2. He has gone from helpless to "I can do it myself" and it just baffles me.
We have been blessed by knowing Moses and by being privileged enough to be called his parents. I know of no other way...no teaching tool, no book, no visual aid that can show you the love and heart of Christ more effectively than having children...a child's forgiveness, trust, unconditional love, delight, joy and so much more are truly glimpses, daily ones, into the Father's heart. I know that it is thanks to Moses that I get to see the face of Jesus each and every day. :)

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3




Trish said...

wow. hopefully you get to the hospital in enough time to get that epidural :)

I didn't have an epidural for one of my children and it does hurt like crazy!

I could just sit and watch my kids play all day too. they are so fun to watch.

Margaret said...

Hopefully this one will be easier. My second one was a lot easier than my first. My labor time went down from 2 1/2 days to 11 hours.

3 Including Me... said...

I love the boppy pillow! Great job!.... Your tea towels are also just adorable! And if i may say as well, whenever i am home, and cleaning, sewing, just playing with the boys, i turn on your playlist.. its so great! THANKS!

Molly said...

That is too cute Crystal. I know you must be so excited for the new little one to come. I wish you lots of luck and a "pain" free delivery. I will keep you and your family in my prayers that all goes well. And I trace and cut out too :)
~ Molly P

Kandi said...

Your Boppy cover looks great Crystal! I don't care for the cutsie baby stuff so much either.

I hope for this labor, if you want an epidural, you get one. It really makes it so much better in my humble opinion. I had one for each of my boys' births. My first one worked perfectly, but my second one left a small spot on my left side that didn't numb, but I say that was waaay better than feeling it everywhere.

I'm so excited for you to meet your new little guy. I just love the anticipation of it all. It's exciting and scary all at the same time.

Take care!

Sara said...

Way too cute! I might have to make one for my sister. Her shower is Saturday.. do I have time??? LOL... I made so much stuff for her, burp cloths, scrapbook, onesies... it's all so fun, cause you get to use WAY cuter fabric!! I love the polka dots!!

Stephanie said...

That cover is so cute!!!

Amber said...

I love the polka dot Boppy cover. Why don't they make cute ones like that? I need to try your trace and make it up technique.

So sweet to hear about Moses birth. I agree...children are a precious gift from God. I still remember the many moments my husband and I spent just staring at our new little guy. Such a miracle.

Lace said...

Crystal... seriously, I get concerned when I don't see an updated post from you when I wake up in the morning! I was automatically like, "Wuh Oh! Is baby A here?!" :/ I'll check throughout the day and say a prayer just incase!

Blissful Babe said...

So sweet. :) Thanks for sharing!

And the boppy pillow turned out great!!! Next time I have a baby, you are HIRED.

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