Do You See What I See...

Look what I found just outside my door the other day! :) AND we have had unseasonably warm weather lately. I have a serious love/hate relationship with these kinds of things...they make you get all excited that Spring is coming...but it's not really. At least not yet.

A couple questions answered:

Playlist at the bottom?
you are the best thing, Ray LaMontagne
Be ok, Ingrid Michaelson
I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
On the Radio, Regina Spektor
So Long sweet Summer, Dashboard Confessional
Anyone Else but you, The Moldy peaches
Three Little Birds, Renee and Jeremy
Summertime, Summertime, the Jamies
Pocketfull of sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield
realize, colbie callait
aint no reason, brett dennen
The way I am, ingrid michaelson
Light&Day the polyphonic spree
blue alert Madeleine peyroux
New soul yael naim
Bubbly colbie calliat
Closer Joshua radin
Star mile Joshua radin
Hallelujah Leonard cohen

Music inspiration?
Before I met Doug I was pretty good at finding out of the way good music...since having him in my life I have become permanently lazy in regards to this...I let him find most of the good music...though I can still come up with a new song here or there. :)

Moses' bedding in his room?
Ikea. :) Cheap and wonderful!

Daily routine and Jesus?
The short answer is that I am always reading the One Year Bible...this is my third or fourth year. I usually do this right before bed...I also like to read books with a purpose, like Christian fiction or biographies. I hardly ever read a regular ol' novel...not that that is a bad thing but for me, if I take the time to read, I want it to challenge me and improve who I am. We go to church, I do MOPS, I am in a Bible study, we are part of a new parents group at for Moses we try to live what we preach. :) We talk about Jesus to him, pray with him, he is in Sunday school and the MOPS program as well. We do our best to be living examples. :)

I think that is most of them...if I missed one just let me know. :) My hubby has a couple of days off so you may not hear from's all ok though! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Cherry Tree Lane said...

Stuff is almost blooming in MY yard! LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

Check out this new artist (well new to me anyways) Pricilla Ahn. You can see her official video for her song "Dreams" on You Tube....I think you may like it based on your other song selections!

Kelley and Rhett said...

i love your playlist! They are all great!

Miss G said...

I bought a pot of tulips and one of hyasinths just coming up at Wal-mart for a dollar each last night. I don't know how'll they'll do but I just couldn't pass up those sweet growing things! Enjoy your time with Doug off. Kelly

I am am a therapist said...

crystal- check out ingrid michaelson's song spare change.... its great!

I am also a huge dashboard husband and i had out first dance to dashboard at our wedding!

MAXimum MESS said...

Great playlist! I have "You Are the Best Thing" on iTunes and have been dancing around the house with my son to it every morning!

Kristi said...

Just popping by to say hi while uploading some photos. Busy busy!

Sandra said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your play list. Have been meaning to tell you for a while but this kicked me into action. Thanks a bunch!

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