We sort of got snow...just barely...enough to turn the sidewalks white...but not the grass. Moses has never played in snow...touched snow...been in snow or anything to do with snow. Last year we got one "big" snow and Moses was just getting over a cold and we were just getting ready to take him on his first plane trip...so I was a mean mommy and didn't let him play in it then. Apparently mean mommy and snow go together...after I got him all bundled up I wanted to take photo of him and us...he thought that idea sucked...above is the only photo of us together I got...along with the messiest part of my house. :)
And just for fun...here we are about this time last year...wearing the same hats...only he is wearing a lot less baby... :(
And because he wouldn't stop crying about me taking a photo...I made him sit in time out...and continued with my mean mommy gig by taking photos of him in time out. :) Is it terrible of me that these photos make me giggle just a little?
As Moses would say "All done cry" and ready to go outside!
See our huge amount of snowfall? Can you believe that ALL of the local schools were closed for this? That's how it goes in the ol' VA...I was telling Doug at dinner last night that I have had school cancel for small bits of snow like this AND because the buildings didn't have AC. :)
Regardless of the amount...it was the largest snowfall in Moses history and he loved it. He seemed to really enjoy hearing it crunch under his feet and we learned that snow eating is an instinct because he did it with out being prompted. :) Above is his cheesy smile...
And then his plain ol' cute chubby face. I could squeeze this boy he is SO sweet! On a side note...the other day Moses, Doug and I were doing something...Moses leaned in and kissed me, then threw his arms back and yelled "TADA!". Cute right? He likes to throw in a good "tada" when it feels right.
And he finally got to put his giraffe boots to good use...usually he just wears them when the urge hits him...with shorts or pj's or whatever.

And for those of you who wonder...I do not get up at 6am to blog...I mean I love it and all but my brain does not form sentences that early...I tend to write them the night before and set them to publish before a certain father in law likes to check in in the morning. Moses says "Hi Bop bop!"

Hope you all find somewhere to throw in a good "TADA!" today!


Sara said...

Those boots are way too cute!!!

OH how I wish our ground looked like that! NE Ohio is covered. And I cant even take the girls out since the windchill's have been terrible!

Moses is way too cute in those pictures!!!!

Trish said...

way too much fun. I think that is the perfect amount of snow. their little legs can't handle the deep snow!

Miss G said...

so fun! We didn't get snow, just ice but school is closed! Yippee!

Moses is such a sweetie.

Have a great day! Kelly

p.s. I know what you mean about setting the publishing time and people wondering about it. :) I set a post to publish during our wedding that said we were getting married and people commented about how did I have time to blog on my wedding day. :) Kelly

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I would wear those boots in a heartbeat!

mommyholly said...

Love the snow photos!! And love the giraffe boots of course! :) Andrew has the same ones, and I am itching to buy a new pair as well- already out at Target, eek! :) Enjoy the chilly weather for me, xo!

mommyholly said...

Love the snow photos!! And love the giraffe boots of course! :) Andrew has the same ones, and I am itching to buy a new pair as well- already out at Target, eek! :) Enjoy the chilly weather for me, xo!

Cheryl said...

I had no idea you lived in VA...where in VA do you live? We are about to move (military) to Virginia Beach in June!

Jessica said...

those photos of moses are too adorable ... even if he was SO sad! :)

La Familia Garcia said...

I love how when it snows here (in VA), it's usually perfect temp to go outside to play in and not too cold! One of the great things about snow in Virginia!

BlueJShop said...

I love the time-out pic!
School closings? That's hilarious! :)

Michelle said...

That makes me feel bad if that is the messiest part of your house! Sheesh! Also Canaan used to pull off a good TADA. Remember your house...church Christmas party...and his nakedness after using the bathroom?

I miss you!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I love the time out pictures! I am so guilty of similar feats! My kids are always asking..."is this going to end up on the blog?" Yep! You better believe it!

Glad you guys got a "little" snow! I'm in NE Arkansas where we literally devastated by a huge Ice Storm...it has been absolutely insane! We've decided since we don't usually get snow...we're going to learn to sculpt ice!

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