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Today did not start off sunny and happy...I will admit...I am doing our taxes myself this year after we were charged a ridiculous amount last year for someone else to do keep the whole process from overwhelming me I have been doing it bit by things become available and forms come in the mail. I started with my shop taxes...don't even get me started on how mad those make me...ugh! And I am working my way the moment we kind of owe a big chunk...due to my shop...but I am holding out hope that all of our home ownership costs/taxes/interest will offset that...I keep telling God "I am not going to worry about this...I will let you do that. You always take care of us. "...I have lost track of how many times I have said that to myself today.
We distracted ourselves with getting the nursery ready...we are now 98% there. Just a few small things I want to get and then we are done...but we could bring a baby home to his own room now. :) The photo at the top is one of the last projects I had to finish for the room. I just took a canvas, painted it gray and then stamped lots and lots of action words onto it. :) I made all of the letter A's a different shade of yellow so they would stand out. I guess you could say that our "theme" is initials. I have thing for initials. :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch!! It is a sectional so there are tons and tons of ways to arrange it. Plus it is SUPER comfy!! :) The whole nursery has a very relaxed lounge feel to it..LOVE.
My curtains are made and hanging. Very simple and clean. That is what we were going for. :)
There is baby's bed. :) Moses slept in that until he was a little over 4 months old. :) We are hoping that by the time baby is done with the hammock, Moses will be done with the crib. :) That hammock is a life saver. We love it. :) The two prints on the wall are vintagey baseball is kids in front of Yankee stadium.
And there are the initials I made with the canvases and scrapbook paper. :) All the baby toys are in the toy box. We have all of his clothes and supplies arranged in the closet. I will show you what that looks like when it is all ready. :) I LOVE having one less piece of furniture (a dresser) in there.
Some other things that are making me happy today...
My bed is made. This hardly gets to happen anymore with Doug working nights. :) Before that it was made every morning...just makes the day start off just right...and is nice to see at the end of the day.
My anniversary present came in the's the bottom ring. Those are Doug's and my initials...the "fear not" ring is something that I wear a simple reminder. I plan on wearing the two rings together. :) I got it from THIS etsy seller. She did a great job and was quick, too.
On the other side are my boys initials. :) Fear not...God is watching over ALL of us. :)
And lastly..a trio of happy MAC, my diet pepsi and a nice fatty donut!

Hope you are finding happy distractions in your day. :)


P.S. I will do my best to send out swap partners tomorrow sometime. :) It's not too late to sign up. :) Email me at ricracandpompoms @ (no spaces) if you want to sign up. :)
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Karen said...

I love the new piece for your nursery. You are so VERY CREATIVE. Can you please come to VA and fix me?
I, too, am happy for my MAC. And Coke, although I am trying desperately to keep myself to just one per day...
I really love the rings.
I am really scared about my taxes from my soap business. You put my thoughts into words. I am working on taxes little by little too but i do have to send mine to someone. I wouldn't know where to start this year. Good luck... :)

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Crystal. What a soothing room! I love the word art, it's so cute. You did a great job. Doesn't it feel great to know that if he comes early you're ready?:)

I also wanted to know that I moved over to blogspot. My new blog is:

Enjoy these last days with child...:)

ccp said...

hey, you rearranged the things above your bed! I love the print though! LOVE the new ring. I'm jealous, and may have to get one since my wedding and engagement rings fit anymore :(

also, i LOVE the new canvas. when are you going to reveal baby's full name????

Michelle said...

Love the Nursery and the new ring :)

Trish said...

i love the new canvas with all the action words. i just might have to steal that idea for the girls playroom! :)

Kari said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. That canvas piece of art with the words on it is so creative - I really love it!

Kristi said...

I think you are going to be so happy you painted the baby's room that yellow. Our nursery was yellow and it made me so happy. It was such a cheery color. That seating looks so great for cuddling and nursing in a relaxing manner. Especially for those late night meals! What a cute piece of art you made. You are so creative, but I already knew that! I still have to get my recipes to you. I haven't forgotten!

My crazy crazy life said...

Thank you so much for letting us come into your home through the nursery is just precious! And the board with the words on cool! I want to try and do that but who am I will never happen. I'm not creative like that. I read your blog alot but this might be the first time I have ever commented. My vote for guess the baby name is "Abraham". Moses and Abraham...yup, that sounds about right.

KATY826 said...

That couch in your nursery is just ASKING for a baby and mommy to snuggle on it! :) Can't wait for the swap!

Amber said...

That word art is so dang cute! It speaks to the first grade teacher in me. I have been on the lookout for fun art to go in my son's room. I'm just not sure if I would get around to making it...but I'm keeping it in mind:) Thanks for the inspiration. The nursery is coming together so nicely. I love that it's not the typical baby boy's room. Have a great weekend.

mommyholly said...

WOW I love that gorgeous canvas for the baby room, so cute!!! :) the new little one is lucky to have such a happy and bright room enjoy!! xoxox

meg duerksen said...

THat canvas is so great!!! love it. it's just perfect.
love the rings...will check out that site. this si a happy post and it made me smile. good job.
your nursery looks sweet and sunny.
my babies slept in their swing for months too. different from the hammock...but similar. they just sleep so much better in the moving swing. and that was back when all the swings had plugs. AND lauren's swing was even a crank!! who came up with that idea?!

i love plum said...

your nursery looks great! love the new canvas...that idea rocks and i may have to copy it with a girly theme of course for our play room :) xo

Amanda said...

I love nursery. Period. TOO CUTE!!!!!!

I just had to tell you as well, I've been reading your blog for months now, and don't get around to commenting much...but... my little girls LOVE all the songs on your playlist!!! Often we come here just to listen to your songs, and I walk away from my computer! They have a great time dancing, and they always ask to hear "the songs".

Thanks for the pick-me-up a few times a day!!! (how'd you get such awesome taste in music any how!?!) Thanks again!

Sara said...

Have you opened an S Corp, or do you just pay self-employment taxes. I'm opening an S Corp because WHOA! does it save on taxes.

Karin Schueller said...

OMG I LOVE THAT CANVAS! The entire room is gorgeous. I am living vicariously, since my kiddos are 8 and 10, and we are done. :( I love every bit of it, and am genuinely so happy for all 3of you. :) I've had a really tough couple of months, and your blog has really helped me keep some perspective. :) THANK YOU! So when are you going to offer that canvas in your shop? lol

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