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In case you haven't noticed yet...I like to switch things up...a lot...I am forever in a state of rearrange...always trying to make more room...or a cuter space...or a more fabulous arrangement. The most common victim of this is my mantle. :) Above is what it looks like now...that fun red arrow is actually some sort of vintage sign we got at a yard sale for $2! We collect the letter J and I recently decided to narrow the bulk of my bird collection to white birds...with some exceptions of course. :)
Here is the mantle in the fall...acorns (another love) and fun fall colors. :)
Easter/Spring mantle with bright green grass...bright colored orchids...fuzzy green bunnies...eggs....and fuzzy chicks. :)
Christmas mantle...snow and lights and fun pom poms. :)
The mantle...straight extras. :)
And the summer version...tall green grass...birds in nests and fun black stars. :) The mantle is such a fun way to change the whole room without actually changing the whole room. :) And I rarely do it the same way twice...I usually add a little bit to each seasons collection and then go with the flow to make it feel right. :)

Is there a favorite spot in your home that you love to redecorate a lot?


And I will be emailing the swappers tonight! Let me know if you don't get an email! :)

Hope your weekend is great!! :)



Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

I LOVE your blog, I just found it TODAY... I am a HUGE fan of the letter G and have collected them for years... and the very thing I LOVE most are ACORNS... ahhhhh I can't wait to devour the rest of your blog!

Trish said...

oh, so cute! love the new look with the arrow.

because of you i have just recently changed my mantle and it is a very fun place to change things up. i will be doing it again this spring! thanks for all your inspirations!

mommyholly said...

OK I seriously LOVE your mantle, and I want mine just like that haha!! :) You are so darn creative, missy!!! xoxox

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I just love that you change it around for the seasons. It makes me feel normal :)

jessieg said...

I so need a mantle. I love what you've done. So fun and fresh!

Kristi said...

I just changed around my mantle very recently and it looks pretty blah. Ahhh!

As for a particular place to redecorate, I don't have just one. I seem to like to move things around from room to room to change it up a bit.

The Garcias said...

I love your mantle--it makes me wish I had one! Perhaps we can build one around our large tv? haha. Some day... I love to switch things up too, and a mantle is an ideal place to let the creative juices flow. Great job! Oh, and I collect Gs and Js. :)

missknits said...

wow i just love how you have all the pictured arranged like that, never would have thought to try different levels of hanging/verses standing them. very creative! now if i only had a mantle! lol

missy said...

they all look awesome!!! love the arrow sign....$!!!! and we too are "J" people....well maybe i am...i am sure my husband doesn't really care about that stuff!!!!LOL
i really like your blog...i will be stopping back by!!!

A Little Of A Lot said...

Love how you put things together.

My favorite places to decorate are my front porch and foyer, they get a makeover every season and sometimes in between.

merryheart2 said...

i love your blog! i also have so much fun decorating my mantle. love your ideas. the canvas with the stamped words is just adorable. i have a thing for letters too.

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