Is it possible that my closest relative is the Orca?

Because that is how I feel...ginormous...all over. And how. Doesn't help that at my last doctors appointment my doctor told me that "We should keep an eye on that..." in reference to the 9 pounds I had gained since I had seen him two weeks before...I felt like saying..."Well, if your scale wasn't weighted then we wouldn't have this problem...AND it was Christmas...and if I didn't have to wear jeans(we all know those are heavy...right?)!". I don't have a single shirt that completely covers my I am always wearing extra long tank underneath. I am just dying to know where eight more weeks of baby is going to go...maybe I should ask an Orca?
Anyway...this is my new favorite thing for the day...totally inspired by the way too overpriced pottery barn catalog that came in the mail yesterday...cute little door hangers. :) I think I will list the two blank ones as is and give the buyer the option of adding a word...
...I'll also be adding a couple new tooth fairy huts to the shop...
I could just eat this's too cute! :) There is a little pocket on the back for the newly lost tooth and a ribbon handle to hang it from the door so you don't have to be nearly as sneaky. :)

And to my father in time you talk to your youngest can say I told you so. Doug was playing ball in the house...and broke two things! You will be happy to know that the instant it happened, your grandson started yelling "Daddy, naughty...daddy, naughty"...over and over again. :)

Hope your are all having the most lovely of days! :) Any fun things going on for you this week?



Letti said...

I love th tooth fairy hut. I also really like the idea of hanging it on their door so you won't chance getting caught like I almost did.

Oldhops said...

HAHAHAH Wow Normally I was trained to never fall into the weight trap with women. But what did my mom ever know? You look fine, and like I told my wife. YOU HAVE A HUMAN IN YOU!! cut yourself some slack. hahah Be Blessed Shamu.

~Mama Skates~ said...

ok, i was tempted 2 buy one of ur tooth fairy houses b4, but now i have to get one with the shrooms on it! sneaking in to get under that pillow is just too tough these days! (my kiddos are 5, 6 & 8)

Polka Dot Moon said...

You are ALL Baby!!! I wish that I looked that good in either of my pregnancies!

Love the door hangers - too cute, as is all of your goodies!

Hang in there,

Bethany said...

What cute new treats! Loving those tree door hangers!

Hang in there...your next eight weeks will be over and done with before you know it!

Linda said...

Love your new creations....especially the trees. :)
You look great! Those last weeks are the hardest I think.....but thank goodness for those long tank tops. I know I still have my collection. They are a MUST HAVE!
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Love your new creations....especially the trees. :)
You look great! Those last weeks are the hardest I think.....but thank goodness for those long tank tops. I know I still have my collection. They are a MUST HAVE!
Have a great day.

Jessica said...

as always your new items are the super cutest! i am in such a craft rut ... i am visiting your blog to try and kick start my creativity.

and i may know nothing about pregnancy not having gone thru it myself yet ... but from the looks of that picture it sure looks like the only part of you that resembles an orca is the part where you are carrying a BABY!!! :) isn't that normal for when there is a child inside of you??

have a nice day!

Trish said...

um you should tell that doc that you are fabulously pregnant! :) Lookin' so cute. I remember feeling that way with addie. just when you think, if your belly grows anymore that baby will just shoot out your belly button! :)

i have a baby shower to attend to this weekend and so i have lots of fun baby things to make yet :)

feeling overwhelmed... counting down the days until spring!!!

Kristi said...

My friend is having twins in February and you are not as big as her. I'm sure that doesn't help. But really you do look like you are all baby. And you know how fast the weight melts off if you nurse? I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time.

Love the tree hangers. Pottery Barn is good inspiration. I have the blog of one of their designers on my reader. She has Etsy shops too.

The Nester said...

You are so adorable! And I love the photos of your shelves and bins and photos of the toys! Nerds UNITE!

Pamela said...

Love the trees! You look beautiful!

Sandy Toes said...

Came over from the Nester..what a great blog..I love it!
-sandy toes

yeahexceptfornot said...

I'm kinda wondering where the belly is gonna go in the next several weeks too! I can only imagine when mine reaches that size! Hang in there!

meg duerksen said...

cute stuff crystal!
what can you do about the weight? you've made it this far...who cares! but i will say that my friends and i were talking this weekend about losing the baby weight (which most of us didn't) and we all said we lost the first 25easy but then the rest stuck around. we had the realization that "OH! that's why they say to only gain 25 pounds!" the rest just sticks onto your hips and belly forever....unless you diet and exercise. and who wants to do that?!
i gained 50+ with every one of my babies. they were all very yummy pounds. and i still have some of them. but it's worth the weight.

and you look great!
it's all in your head. you look all baby all the way.
cute as can be.
and i have loved your past few posts but didn't comment? don't know why. no excuse.

Miss G said...

crystal, you look great! I really like the tree pillows! Kelly

Amber said...

That is a great baby belly, no whale resemblance, just all baby:)

ccp said...

oh MY. that belly is SO stinkin cute. although, i know it doesn't feel like it :) is it possible that he'll be bigger than moses?! l

p.s. someone should block that jerk who made the shamu comment. (which, unfortunately, made me laugh uncontrollably) geeez....some people :)

Karen said...

yes I remember these days... the belly....I loved my belly. I am currently trying to talk my husband into letting me have baby (please, just ONE more?) He said N-O.
You look cute...enjoy your orka-ness

~Mama Skates~ said...

my kiddos LOVE the tooth fairy cottage! it came just in time for my daughter's latest lost tooth - actually, she held off 2 whole days, waiting for the cottage, before putting her tooth out for the fairy - too cute!

thx crystal!

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