How to exploit your childs cuteness...

Step One:
Have a cute kid.
Step Two:
Print in BIG BOLD LETTERS a message you would like to send out to the we used "Thank You".
Step Three:
Place in a nice chunky frame-minus the glass to eliminate glare.
Step Four:
Bribe two year old with a skittle AND an encore playing of the latest Thomas episode. (yes only ONE skittle did the long am I going to get away with that?).
Step Five:
Snap away...takes LOTS of photos so that one is bound to be good.
Step Six:
Order as postcards and send out your thank yous for all your recently received goods. :)
Step Seven:
As a bonus this uses up all those extra holiday stamps that would be a little weird to appear on your birth announcements. :)
Just for the record, Moses thought this was an acceptable photo to use as well. :)
So. It is safe to say that my brain is on it's way out the door...several events have led to this realization...the most recent is that I spent ALL day yesterday thinking and knowing that it was Wednesday...thinking ALL day long that I would have ALL day Thursday to finish up all the little projects I wanted to get done for the shop and have them ready to list on Friday (a day that was two away). Imagine my surprise when I learned, too late in the day to do anything about it, that yesterday was actually Thursday. So there are still several projects to be done for the shop...oops. I did manage to squeeze in a few things...mostly to make myself feel less crazy.
I'll be adding the barrettes above to the shop here and there...there will be limited sets available so snap them up while you can. :)
And I just LOVE the Valentines Day version of the photo holders that I came up with...there is a pink dots version...
And a red dots version. Super, Super sweet and a perfect gift for so many...especially the grandmas I sweet would these be hanging off a door knob or coat hook or anywhere really. :)
Ok, ready for my slightly crazy cleaning/organizing trick? I try to touch things as little as possible. Not really in an OCD sort of way but better...and way healthier. Say you have a cup of coffee in the morning...that cup gets left on the table...eventually moves to the counter...then the sink...and finally the dishwasher (where it should have been the whole time). I try to avoid those kinds of sequences as much as this case, just putting the cup in the dishwasher as soon as I was done. I also sort the mail by the trash can and throw out the junk immediately. I try my best to put things RIGHT back where they belong when I am done using them...because let's face it...the only person in my house who is going to put it away is me. :)

Do you have any slightly crazy cleaning tricks? Come can share. :)

This photo is thanks to you in advance for sharing. ;)

Hope your household is as happy as mine today...Doug is in heaven that his Hokies won the bowl game last night. :) And if daddy is happy then Moses is happy too...that boy is following fast in his dad's love of sports...whenever he sees (what he thinks) is a touchdown being scored he yells "Touchdown Yankees!!!!". The right sentiment is there right?

Don't forget to answer the question of the day...
Do you have any slightly crazy cleaning tricks?



The Doug said...

my cleaning/ organizing trick is to have my wife tell me what she doesn't want to do, and in turn wants me to complete. Our household always remains in order, so the proof is there that is definitely works.

Amy Bell said...

i am kinda crazy in the fact that during the day, or during crafting..i can let the house go. but, then at some magical moment in my mind, it has to be clean. really clean. and, then i run around the house like a whirlwind trying to get it all done.

i would not suggest my strategy. although, it does lead to a clean house at bedtime! :)

CherryTreeLane said...

I am doing this! thanks for the idea!

Marie said...

I also sort my mail by the trash! Everyone seems to think I'm a little OCD about keeping my house clean and organized, but I think it creates a better play environment for my kids when it's like that. Everything is labeled and has a place of it's own, so the kids always know where to put things back. I always keep a shopping bag/box (whatever is available) in each child's closet and when they outgrow something, they toss it in the bag, or I toss it in there and then when it gets full, I take it to our local kids consignment shop to trade in for some new stuff for them or we just donate it.

b3designs said...

With 3 kids in elementary school, you'd be amazed of the mounds of paper that they bring home. Some of it can be tossed, which I do as soon as they walk in the door with their backpacks. They hang up their backpacks in the mudroom, get out their school folders and bring them to me so I can sort through everything and see if there is homework which is then left out at their work spot. I also bought color coodinated to my kitchen magazine holders for each child, and myself, where I will keep papers that are important, sport schedules (football, baseball, basketball, dance, daisies), report cards, extra school pictures, etc. This really keeps me organized [and sane] and if I need something I go right to their assigned magazine holder. These fit nicely in a little niche in my kitchen where I keep my calendar and lots of pencils and writing paper for their assignments. My kids and us each have our own assigned pen color for my calendar too. So I don't always have to write their name beside an event, I know blue is for Cole, pink is for Sophie, etc.

Miss G said...

I do the touch things as little as possible too! That is the only crazy thing I can think of right now. Don't know if you do this but I have multiple laundry hampers and sort by darks/lights/towels so that the touching things only once strategy applies to not sorting laundry either. Also, I try to take my socks off by pulling from the toe so they don't end up inside out and then I don't have to turn them when I'm folding. I think I learned both of these tricks from Flylady. Kelly

p.s. do you have any brilliant ideas for storing all of those plastic grocery sacks that you'll eventually reuse for one thing or another? That's what I'm stumped on right now.

bloggin' Chrystal said...

Thanks for sharing this tip! This is wonderful....your brain is just wonderful.

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