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A quiet day, naps and football. That seems to be the life we have here on Sundays. I don't mind the church or the's the enddddddddddlesssssss football that makes me a little crazy. So while the boys nap, and the DVR does it's job...I am here...and soon at the dining room table crafting my heart away. :) I am in one of those blissful places where I have more ideas than I can keep up with...but first...some household funnies I thought you might enjoy.
At any given moment, Moses will launch into a, from the heart, at the top of his lungs rendition of any of the following- jingle bells, Jesus loves me, Apologize (Too late to apologize) OR Single Ladies (the words to which we have changed to "all the single babies"). He knows and sings a surprising amount of lyrics to all of these.
Moses will now consistently say "Peace out" to you when he leaves the room. Not sure if we blame Doug or I for this one. :)
Last week Doug and I watched "P.S. I Love You". It's a movie about a woman whose husband dies. At one point she is going through his things to get rid of them all. I turn to Doug and say "Honey, what would you do with my things if I die?"...INSTANTLY he says "Craigslist". And goes back to watching the movie. Gee honey...have you given it some thought?
Today at lunch, to some request of Moses' I said "N.O. Moses". To which he immediately responds, while leaning in intently "M.K. mama". Hopefully M.K. isn't baby slang for something I am not aware of.
Then, this morning, over breakfast, I was telling Doug about all of the lovely emails I have been getting from my sweet blog readers. Which, by the way, make my day and make me feel extra loved! Anyway, I am telling Doug about them and sharing about how it makes me feel like people think I am a better person than I think I am, though I do try very hard to share all of the good and the know how us girls do, hard to see the good in ourselves even when others point it out to you. And my dear sweet, darling husband replies "They have no idea". Thanks honey. I love you, too!
P.S. Of course my husband is always joking when he says these things...that is just our shared sense of sassy and sarcastic sense of humor. :)

And just for good measure...I thought I would share that I have officially LOST count of the number of people whose eyes about fall out of their heads when they find out just how many more weeks I have to go. Ugh. Yeah, thanks for that random people. :)

Anywho...hope you are all doing something you love today. :) I am going to go craft my way through nap time...and then DVR'd football time...and maybe then some. I hope to have lots of new goodies for the shop starting tomorrow...still have lots I want to/need to buy for baby A so that is my motivation. :)



Blissful Babe said...

Sundays are great. Church, naps and football. I love it all!

And you're etsy shop is darling!

Have a blissful and blessed Sunday!

Simona Walters said...

I really love those colors that you have all around you.... I have been in a very un-bloggy mood (due to the fact that I work full time and in my time home I have been de-cluttering my house) (I am totally embarrassed that I even let it get this way over the holidays)
I am keeping up with all my bloggy friends posts, just none of my own…I especially love yours. It is definitely the one I look for every morning. I actually have brought my hubby to certain posts, and he agrees with me. You have such spunk and you seem to know just how all the rest of us are feeling and you can word it so well. For example yesterdays post about doing just a little bit, something, is better than doing just nothing. I have been feeling that way a lot and finally came to the conclusion that I can only do so much and if that’s all, that’s okay. Nobody but me will know that I really wanted to do more. But the things I did get accomplished will make it so much better.
I just wanted to thank you for giving me the daily inspiration to keep going... Really... I figure if a very pregnant mom of a toddler can get this much accomplished each and every day, I can get just a little accomplished. You're giving me the extra push I need to go just a little bit more. So thanks to you and your crafty/organized self I am going through every closet & drawer, and cleaning every nook and cranny of each and every room of my entire house. To top it all off I started in the back of the house because if I had started in the living room or den that would have been it, so now that I have done our master, G's room, and our two offices. I am making my way down the hall to the living room, den and kitchen all this week. So wish me luck.
Are those hand towels that you are working on? If so they are adorable. I love how vibrant they are.
Also sorry about the rambling… and Thanks.

Lace said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I love that Moses sings "All the Single Babies"- gah, how cute is that?! Hehe! Hope the rest of your Sunday is lovely!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I am laughing out LOUD at the idea of him mixing those songs. HILARIOUS!

Meaghan said...

such a fun post! talk to me about that stack of towels there...they look cute!

Kate said...

*gasp* you don't like football!!??? Girl are you nuts!? First you are living in testosterone zone so get used to it!! We watch college on saturdays & Thursday night footballl monday night football Sunday Nfl. Heck we even watch old football games on espn!! I don't know what we would do w/out our football package (thanks direct tv)! Love my cowboys & Terps! :) Do you still need much for the baby?? Wht do you need? Is your family giving you a baby shower? Ok now I am being nosey! Have you thought about doing your towels into kitchen towels & maybe even pot holders?? How cute! Robins eg lue please mixed with some terecotta and light &dark browns & can't forget black!! Have a great day!!

Ashley said...

You are inspirational, as always!

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