Dear Paypal Fairy.

My Dearest Wonderful Paypal Fairy (you have to butter him up to make this work),

Since I have a two week temporary ban on my spending due to the purchase of the above couch which will work fabulously in the nursery, I was hoping to make a request of you.

(Yes, we bought a couch for the is in a delicious shade of gray and will serve not only as seating (I gave up the rocker idea-this couch cost about half as much), but will also serve as a changing table (once I buy the changing pad) and convenient nap spot for mommy or daddy).

Back to the Paypal would be super awesome of you to make an error in my favor...not a HUGE greedy error but just enough to buy these adorable little goodies I found for the soon-to-be newest man in my life. :) I would of course be forever grateful and show that gratitude by continuing to allow you to charge me fees for holding my money.
The first item I would just love to have is this ADORABLE hat from knitsbyknittinmama.
Cute right?
Then there is this cute little diaper changing station from Lily Claire...
Who also makes these cute booties to match. :)
But the things I want to get most of all is this adorable little onesie from MoxieMadness... go with these sweet little leg warmers from Knottybabywear...
...and these sweet warmers from Beckaboo...
You can throw in a couple of these cuties too...from Lucabella0522...while you are at it. :)
That's not too much to ask, right? Consider this my "baby registry" since I won't be registering anywhere else this go round. :)
And I have been working hard, Mr. Fairy. See...some cute new bibs for the shop...lots of sewing and card making going on in this house.
And if guilt will talk you into this error...then let it be known that I suffer from endless heartburn, inability to sleep, severe leg pains and have an overall elephant like sluggishness to me. :) PLUS, I have to go to the doctors to get weighed in today. :)

Thanks for your consideration!
Your faithful, Paypal fee payer,
Crystal xoxo
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koryshar said...

Crystal...this is as close as I can come to helping you with the paypal fairy. The baby booties are slightly adapted from this free pattern and tutorial:

I've made several pairs for friends having babies. They are simple to make and can have plenty of embelishments added to change them up. I've seen tons of pairs on the internet to use for ideas.

lori vliegen said...

with such a persuasive letter, how could the paypal fairy possibly resist your requests? please let us know if this approach works... :)

Karen said...

ok where to begin? i think you should have it all...and quickly before someone else buys it all up. The sofa is great and i think you are right on about putting it in your nursery. I never had a changing table for my kids, I always used a sofas or beds to change my babies on...the bear hat is to die for, the photo of the sweet baby in the bear hat is to die for....i say lift the spending ban and singlehandedly attempt to revitalize our struggling economy with your baby purchases. you are worth it :)
love the stuff you are working on. busy, busy...

Amber said...

Love the couch idea for the nursery. Could be used for so many things. Also, love all the things from etsy. I could spend so much on there that I have to hold back from looking.

Knittin' Mama said...

I love this idea, Crystal! Thanks for including me in your baby registry:)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Sofas are great ideas in nurseries! We did the same for Jackson and boy did it come in handy. Too bad we didn't keep it for Jillian.

Great registry items.......I do hope the paypal fairy comes thru!

Amber said...

what a great nursery you must have! I wish i had a couch in my daughters room....for those nights when she wouldnt sleep more than 20 minutes at a time!

Jessica said...

crystal you crack me up! :) LOVE the bibs that you are making!

meg duerksen said...

now you took my oter idea!
i was going to make you some cute bibs! we are ont he same page girl. i am going to have to think of the least likely craft crystal would make for her baby....and make it.

all those goodies were ADORABLE! i love that baby shot. too sweet.

the couch will be perfect. maybe the paypal fairy needs a the tooth fairy pillows? the paypal fairy's could be green with dollar signs on it?

issyimaginations said...

Yay! I had a little magic from the paypal faeries recently. I think they like etsians!

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