open me first...

So since, if I could, I would send each and every one of you lovely readers a box filled to the brim with Christmas goodness...baked in my own oven, with my own two hands but can't...I thought and I thought and decided to offer you something else you could use...something that will make you feel elated at the deal you got and not bummed that you ate that many chocolate chip cookies...and I thought I would offer it now...not on December 20th when it is too late to use...I have yet to have a sale THIS big and I am going to offer it exclusively to my readers for the first couple of days. :) Yay for you for being SO great and so encouraging! :)

To take advantage of this fabulous deal just write "I'm a blog reader" in the notes to seller when you check out. :) This is good for everything...dolls, owls, towels, ornaments, etc.

PLUS each and every order will get a free set of tags of my choosing!! :)

(25% off does not include shipping---please check out as normal and wait for a revised invoice).

Just my little way of saying thank you...because you should always say thank you!



...there has been lots of this...I have been trying to purpose myself to not miss the little how Moses gets a magical look on his face when he sees something Christmasey and fun...or sitting with him to watch the Christmas classics on TV...or listening to Moses sing Frosty the Snowman or Happy Birthday to Jesus...
...or taking every cuddle I can get from this little boy...and my wonderful husband...really listening to the words to Oh Holy Night (has the world ever felt quite so weary and in need of a thrill of hope?)...taking the time to do this little craft with Moses, just because I did it when I was little...
...enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning...and greeting my husband happily when he gets home from work...going with the flow...especially with Moses potty training himself...not only will he ask to go at home but now he asks to go when we are out and about too...making the assembling of Christmas (gifts, wrapping, baking, parties) a JOY and not a chore...

Just in general trying to live in a state of constant thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for...I am so blessed that it is often baffling to me...what did I ever do to deserve such a great life? Well...I guess I know that answer...nothing (nothing good at least)...but be in need of a who looks past my stupidity and dumb decisions and takes my sins and cast them into the sea like a pebble...who reminds me this time of year and always to..."Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to ALL people". Does it get any better than that?


Winners of the Mixed Media Mama giveaway are Courtney, April and Sara Luke. Let me know you saw this ladies then contact Chrissie to claim your prize. :)

How to Make Pretty Glitter Ball Ornaments...

We made some of these at MOPS the other day. Just what my tree needed.
To make these you will need...
...some clear glass Christmas balls...
...some ribbon (anything you like), some spray adhesive and
ANY kind/color of glitter that makes you happy...
...this helps... do these...
...start by removing the tops...ever so gently...
...put the opening of the bulb directly against the adhesive a slight angle...make tiny little squirts at 4-5 intervals...(squirt glue, rotate bulb a little, squirt, rotate...about 4-5 times)...
...pour roughly a half to three quarters of a teaspoon of glitter into the finger or something else over the hole to plug it up and shake, shake, shake until the entire inside of the bulb is coated in glitter...
...recap the ball and add some ribbon for hanging...
...Ta Da!...You're go make some for you! :)
I think these would also make great Christmas gifts, too! :)

Have a Holly Jolly Day!! xoxo

All things Christmas...

Earlier this week we decorated our brand new fake still feels a little wrong to me...and still doesn't SMELL like Christmas but I am pleased that we bought an artificial one...
We started the night with peppermint hot chocolate...Moses was in bed asleep's so fun to see him come down the morning after we have decorated. :)
We have fun decorations like these...completely toddler proof. :)
Did I mention my love for red birds?
Tree number one...
...covered in fun ornaments like this one...
...and these. :)
Tree number two...covered in all of my red birds. :)
Here is our mantle...I covered lights with the fake snow fluff you buy for Christmas villages. Makes the mantle warm and cozy like. :)
Moses helped decorate trees number three and number four. :)
and this little guy was mine when I was little...Moses loves to play with him. :)

Let's see yours now! :) Leave a link in the comments to your decked out Christmasey home. :)

Want a fun and SIMPLE tutorial for making darling glitter ornaments? Come back Sunday or Monday at the latest. :) You will need....clear glass ornaments, glitter in various colors, spray glue and ribbon. I promise you can make these. :) See you then!


Now and then...

Moses and Doggy are nearing their one year anniversary. :) They have both changed just a little in a year, don't you think? :) Moses is such a delight to us...everyday just gets a little better with him. :) I can't wait to see him with a little brother that he already calls by name. Any guesses for that name? (No guessing if I have already told you!). :)

Hope your day is blessed...we are off to MOPS and Doug is OFF for the first time since Thanksgiving!! :) xoxo

well I never...

Some recent events in our household have me saying things like "well, I never...". Either they are absurd, out of the ordinary or just something I never expected...some examples...
1. We bought an ARTIFICIAL tree! I still can't believe it...I have never had an artificial tree that I can remember...we decided to get one for a few reasons. I like a tall tree, 7ft or so...around here that means $50 or MORE. That is crazy to me and hurts to think about. Also, I just plain and simple wanted a few less things to do this holiday season...and an artificial 7.5 ft tree makes it no less Christmas but does make it so I don't have to water and clean up after the thing everyday...not to mention constantly making sure my toddler isn't trying to climb it.
2. I never thought I would say the words "If you touch the Baby Jesus one more time you are getting a time out.". Who knew there would ever be a time in my life where that would not be a strange thing to say? Moses is obsessed with Him...we may be issuing an Amber alert before the season is over...for the Baby Jesus not Moses.
3. I never would have thought that Moses' arms were long enough to reach that pan of brownies that my sister in law brought for the time I got to him he had a plate sized piece of brownie tucked under his arm, football style and was shoving as much brownie into his mouth as he could with the other. He cried when I threw it all away.

4. I never knew you could mail a rooster. Or Three. That was apparently happening when Moses and I went to the post office on Monday. Moses was amazed and dumbfounded the entire time we were in there...every time one of them crowed he looked at me or a nearby patron with wide eyes and his mouth completely open in shock. When we got to the front of the line the rooster crowed again and immediately Moses did his best though no one was in the crowded post the top of his lungs he shouted "do, do, do!" to which each and every person in the place laughed and smiled at him. He felt like a celebrity. :)
5. Never thought I would love something with a cranberry in it. :) My sister in law made this DELISH pie for Thanksgiving...I made it again last night for a ladies Christmas tea. It was a huge hit...easy to make and has enough sugar and butter to do some serious damage to your arteries. I have also fallen in love with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash...

Here is the recipe: (Even if you are not a cranberry fan you may love it...I'm not and I DO! :)
For the Filling:
Butter, to grease the pie plate
2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped

For the Topping:
2 eggs
3/4 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon almond extract


For the Filling: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Place the cranberries in a buttered, 10-inch pie plate. Toss the sugar and walnuts over the berries.

For the Topping: Cream the eggs and the butter with the sugar. Add the flour and almond extract to the mixture, lightly tossing with a fork.

Pour the topping over the cranberry mixture and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. Serve warm with whipped cream.

6. Never thought I would eat a food out of fear. I call bananas my fear food. I am back to eating them with a passion after two nights in a row of leg cramps. Last nights was SO bad that I was in tears and had long enough to think about how I could get a hold of Doug if it didn't lasted at least 3-4 times longer than any that I have had so far AND I purposed to stretch my legs before bed. It was long enough and painful enough to put me in a mild panic. :(

7. I also never thought I would have a blog that ANYONE would care to read. :) Thanks to all you lovelies who stop by to see me and for all your wonderful words. :) I really try to answer all of your questions but sometimes I just plain forget...if there is something that you have been wanting to ask or have asked and not gotten answered then leave a question in the comments on this post and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them! :)

The WINNER of the sweet prize from I Love Plum is Catherine!! :) Catherine, please let me know you saw this then contact I Love Plum to claim your prize!!

If you would like to offer something up for a giveaway just let me know via Etsy...if we can keep it up I may make this a regular feature on my blog! :) We will have another FuN giveaway on FRIDAY!! :)

Anon comment-I can do the ornaments to fit any size photo you would like. Currently they fit a 2 by 3in photo.

Ashley-Contact me via etsy and I would love to make another birdie for you. :)

Hope your nose is rosy today! :) xoxo

Oh. My.

So sometimes I make things that I really like. Sometimes I make things that I really love. Other times I make things that I am SO excited about that I could curse my hands for not moving fast enough...or the sewing machine for running out of thread...or having to go to the bathroom...these are one of those things. If you don't love them...I am not sure we can be friends...because I more than love them...I adore them! :) Obviously the photo of my adorable man slips out and you put yours in it's place...
Here is the back of the one above...I will have two varieties...the Christmas 2008 one and...
The personalized ones. :) Eek! I could scream...that is how happy I am at how they turned out! :) How perfect would these be for grandmas...or aunts...or teachers...or you! :) I will be able to do a limited amount of them so if you need know where to find me. :)
Here is the back of the one above. :)
And here is a new little bird going in the shop...
And here is the back...LOVE this fabric. :)
And per several update...the above one is from almost 23 weeks...
And here we have a giant LEAP to 27 1/2 weeks. :) Kinda shocking when you see them together like that...

Traci my dear I am going to post those bird cages right this moment! :)

Hope your day is happy!

Hey guess what...

I learned that I really can't do it all...the last few days really wore me brain kept saying go go go but my body totally pulled rank and slammed on the brakes. :) It was exhausting and tiring and I ended each day with feet so puffy that you couldn't see my ankle bones...but it was a good kind of tired and I would do it all over again...I know I am blessed to have great in laws... :) I really couldn't have done the last couple of days without their help...with their help we had a great Thanksgiving, a great Friday, made some yummy Norwegian cookies, made lots of fun memories and wore each other out. :) Moses tried to be a trooper...he managed to come down with the sniffles and a bit of something else...add that to seeing all of his favorite people and you have one over tired, over stimulated and exhausted little boy. Today we are taking it easy and not leaving the house...focusing on getting back on schedule with naps and eating. :)
Moses' favorite (and currently only(-her mama is expecting two weeks after me!)) cousin was here and they made a great tag team. Neither one chose to nap well the past couple of days...made for some challenging moments that Alli and I both hope are not a preview of what is to come with having two kids. :)
We were blessed enough to have Doug's precious grandparents with us again this Thanksgiving. :) They are such a treasure to their family...Moses had no problem lovin' and huggin' on them this time and I really think that made their day. :) They were a little fascinated with some of the toys that Moses had...
Kyleigh was happy to show them how things worked... :)
And before the family got here I managed to get our Christmas card done...well I took the photos then the ever AMAZING and TALENTED Sara took care of the rest...I debated back and forth about whether or not to show this on the blog since many of you out there will get one but then I thought that if I could send a few more customers off to Sara then it was worth it. :) Just look at how AMAZING and ADORABLE this card is!!! :) Go check her out if you want Christmas cards as fabulous as mine are. :)

And just a little heads part of my realization that I cannot do everything...I will be limiting the amount of custom work that I will be doing over the if there is something you have been wanting done, please contact me soon so that I will be able to help you out. :)

Hope this finds you relaxed and loving your family! :)


and breathe...

Just a quick hello to let you know that all is well and good. :) My fabulous in-laws just left a bit ago and Doug is off to work...and I am suddenly very, very exhausted. Thanksgiving and today were wonderful...thanks mostly to the all the helping hands from the family. I barely have a clear thought in my head and about a million things to deal with...but for now I am off for what I hope will be a great nights rest and a fresh start for the morning...I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and that your thoughts will lead to the real reason for this next season...



This is totally what a couch is for right?

Busy hiding from my to-do list...don't tell it where I am!

:) xoxo

Monday, Monday...

It has been a crazy crazy weekend...two of my very best friends had their babies on the SAME DAY!!!!....I steam cleaned ALL of my carpets and stairs...still have to do the couch...we spent the morning at the dentist...and now is officially the start of my crazy Thanksgiving to do list...I am try, try, trying to get a Christmas card photo taken of Moses but so far (and 150+ photos later) I have had no luck...we'll try again tomorrow. :) I did get the sweet moment above...I LOVE those guys and photos like this remind me of how blessed I am to be able to live in a house that is just FULL to the brim with love and fun and blessings really are too numerous to count. :) My swap box came from the sweet Holly of mommy holly. :) She sent me such a sweet box...full of goodies and smiles...and the sweet little red bird above. Thank you Holly!! :) I bought a cute new stamp today...LOVE it! :) I have a hard time spending money on stamps that cost more than $1 but had no trouble snatching this one up. :)
And here is a hug for the winner of BeckyMs felty foods! :)
O has won the sweet little Christmas Cookies
Courtney has won the sweet little pumpkin pie. :)

Ladies let me know you have seen this and then touch base with Becky to claim your prizes. :)

I hope to have some giveaways this week but honestly they are not TOP TOP priority. If I can dig my heels in and get lots done then there will be some...if not then we will pick up next week but I will do my best. If you would like to offer up something to giveaway just contact me via Etsy and we'll chat! :)

And lastly...there is a sale in the shop!! Go check it out! :)

Gotta run! xoxo
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