What happens...

...when dad dresses you and mom hasn't sorted and put away the clean laundry?
Argyle socks and camo pants of course. :) Hope your day is unexpectedly fun!


getting things done...

If you can't tell by now, I am not a girl who likes to sit around a lot. Not having anything to do makes me antsy and anxious. I rarely even just sit and watch TV...I have to be doing SOMEthing. You can ask my husband...he comments here as "The Doug"...if I have nothing to do my anxiousness will make him anxious. The shop has been a wee bit slow lately so I have been getting some home projects done around the house while I have the time for it. Above is the nursery color..."warm summer" and I LOVE it. It's so bright and warm and sweet. :)
The colors will be the yellow on the walls, charcoal grey and white. :) LOVE! It's all painted and ready to dress up. :)
I've also worked on some tags for the shop...
And this fun project for the living room wall...
And worked on a custom order. :) Plus we cleaned and repaired the gutters, hung more street signs in Moses' room, got some shopping done, caught up on our DVR, started laundry and lots more. At the moment I am anxiously waiting for a coupon in the mail so that I can go buy my new carpet cleaner!! The longer that coupon takes, the crazier and more obsessed I am with cleaning the carpets and furniture...isn't crazy pregnant fun?

The WINNER of the Tiddlywinks $25 store credit is Jamie who said "I have ten monogrammed hairbows to make!" I hope you ALL got lots done this weekend! :)

Jamie please let me know you saw this and then let Scottie know that you were the winner so you can get busy cashing that $25 in. :)

Don't forget to check back often...you never know when the next surprise giveaway is!! :)

Is everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving? What are your plans? Almost ALL of Doug's family will be coming to our house and maybe some others too... :)

Cute and easy.

Need a cute little craft for your little one to take into school for a holiday party? Here it is! :) I can't count the times I made these growing up...for many years I made them and took them to my class at Christmas time. :) They are SUPER easy, super cheap and super cute!! :)
All you need are brown pipe cleaners, little googly eyes, little red noses, craft glue and candy canes. Just take the pipe cleaner and fold it in half...hook the candy cane in the fold and twist it up tight. Then make little accordian bends in the pipe cleaner to make zig-zag antlers. Then using a tiny(if you use too much the eyes and nose will slide all around) amount of craft glue(I say craft glue because it is a little thicker) and attach the eyes and nose. Done. :)
Could it get any easier? You can also use different colored pipe cleaners and noses. :) A cute way to both carry and present them is to take a cardboard box, wrap it in holiday paper and poke holes through the top for the candy canes to slip into. :) Cute. Cute. Cute. :)

I'll put a couple of kits in the shop for you so that if you want to make just a dozen then you don't have to go out and buy a huge amount of the supplies. :)

And just a little p.s. to all of you sweet people who have been emailing me (you know who you are) about some (or ONE in particular) of my copy cats...even though there is nothing I can do about people blatantly copying SO MANY of the items that I make...it does help to know that it is as obvious to others as it is to me. Even in my crazed pregnant lady state I am trying to avoid letting it bother me too much...trying. So thanks for your encouraging words and annoyance at them for me. :) And that is all I should say about that. :)

Hope your weekend is great!! :) xoxo


Of the Janesays giveaways is DianaG!! :) Please let me know you saw this then let April know that you were the winner!! :) Yay you!

All items in the Funky Baby section are Buy One Get One 50% off (pre-shipping) :) Please checkout as usual but wait for a revised invoice before paying. :)

I'm off to regroup a little...hope your Friday is great! :) Be back soon with a super easy and fun craft for all your kiddies Christmas parties. :) xoxo

Favorite Things Giveaway! Week Four-Tiddlywinks

Doesn't your child need a fabulous little stuffed animal or dolly?
I mean look at this face will ya? Could you say no to that? Well you may not have to...Scottie from Tiddlywinks has offered up, ever so generously, a $25 credit for her shop!!! :) That $25 can go a long way in getting some cute, adorable, little, lovely creature for a cute, adorable, little, lovely, creature on your Christmas list this year. :) My son has quite a few...so does my niece. :)
Scottie does amazing work...her sewing skills put me to shame...to way way shame (yes that is a place). :) Each and every creature she makes has such fun detail and each is one of a kind. :)
The faces on these beauties are just so sweet. :)
Look at that guy...don't you just want to hug on him? She can even take your child's favorite, long grown out of, outfit and make it into a special little friend for him...how sweet of a keepsake would that be? So how can you win that $25 in Tiddlywinks bucks?

Well AFTER you go check out her shop...just leave a comment on THIS post telling me something you need to get DONE this week! :) I only have about 20 million things on that list...surely you have at least one...got it?

Now go for it and good luck! :) xoxo

It's a.....

Surprise giveaway kind of day folks!! :)
Today's more than fabulous little goodie comes from April at Janesays...an amazingly cute and fun and fabulous shop that you must go visit. :) She has offered up these saaweet little blocks to the lucky winner! :) Aren't they the cutest things that you wish you thought of?

So how can you win them? Go visit her fun BLOG and her fun SHOP then come back here and say something nice about her. :) Easy as pie. :)

In addition...to up your chances...each and every purchase you make from Janesays will get you an extra entry...we all need fun Christmas tags and goodies right?...right. (Make sure you put "PICK ME PICK ME" in the notes to seller when checking out of her shop. :)

I will announce the lucky winner some time on Friday so get those chances in while ya can.

Hope your day is blessed and HAPPY!! xoxo

How the hours fly by...

Here is a look at how we spent our Monday:
8am...get a baby up and dressed-feed him...eat, relax, piddle around..etc.
9am...work on some tags in my robe, hot tea, relaxing in the quite while Doug downloads some music...Moses was somewhere nearby I am sure...then shower, dress, start to move...decided on nursery color...it's called warm summer...
10am...Moses favorite part of any day...bye-byes, socks, shoes and yes he willingly wore a jacket today...
11am...post office, then toys r us...looked at trains and gliders...
12pm...lunch...we like to find new places to eat on Mondays...our waitress loved Moses...she asked him for a high five and he handed her a french fry, then a spoon, then trash from the table...at the end of the meal she said "bye bye baby" to which he said "bye bye baby"...went to Christian bookstore and spent more then I had intended to...but they were good deals...
1pm...sams club...milk and bread are significantly cheaper here and we eat a lot of bread and drink a lot of milk...we buy 3 gallons at a time...almost peed my pants laughing so hard at a conversation that Doug and I were having about how terrible a player Moses would be on super market sweep...get home...Moses goes down for nap...
2pm...Doug plays wii...I am sure I was somewhere working on something...then we went outside to clean up the yard, raked leaves from gardens, throw away pumpkins, etc...
3pm...Doug cuts the grass...
...I make brownies...and work on projects...
4pm grass is done and beautiful...I love a well cut lawn...Doug showers then tells me that he is now at the lowest weight that he has been since knowing me...I shake my head...
...I walk past this...
...to do this...while waiting for Moses to wake up from his nap...
5pm...this is how we find him...he still sleeps in a sleep sack...on this day they were both dirty and apparently he had taken off his shorts and tried to put them back on...with both legs in the same hole...
...fold this because it didn't magically fold itself...feed Moses dinner...
6pm...take dinner to a new mom...
7pm...snack for Moses that was supposed to be snack for Doug...vacuum, clean up toys, get Moses ready for bed, pj's, story, teeth, night night Moses...
8pm...well deserved snack for me...Doug is asleep on the couch...
9pm...start to watch Prison Break then decide to go to bed instead...we were both exhausted from the day...thank goodness for DVR...go to bed...slept like a rock...

See how exciting? : ) We had a great day! :)

Hope your day is just as full. :) xoxo

Welcome home Starbucks...

...welcome home. It's official. We are together again. Starbucks and I. We even have the doctors approval for our relationship (at least 24oz of it). We left the doctors office and went straight there. Ahhh...yes. I can heart mornings again. And yes, this new creation of mine is extremely simplistic but that is exactly how I wanted it to be. I love these little blocks and I made them with the hopes that some little one will love them some Jesus just a little more this Christmas. :)
So here is the ottoman that I was telling you about...it has seen better days but seemed a shame to just throw it out............lightbulb!! :)
We dismantled the top...came off pretty easily...
We cut and screwed and glued a new heavy duty top onto it...
We put trim around the edges so the goods won't roll off...
Then gave it a few thick coats of chalkboard paint...ta da! A fun new train/car/art table for Moses!! :) He loves it already, it's the perfect size for him and even has a drawer for storage. :) Now it just needs to move out of my kitchen and into his bedroom. :)

I plan on sending out an email later on tonight about the swap...if you want to participate there is still time...I hope to send out the email before 10ish tonight. :)

Hope your day is great!! :) xoxo

I swore I never would...

I swore that I would never give into a character craze. And technically I don't think I have...(and I will stand by that!) because I wanted to buy it for him. I still stand firm in my anti-"I have to have that because his/her/its face is on it" sort of craze. However, the last two play dates that Moses has had, have involved the children we went to visit having a Thomas the train table and lots of various Thomas trains. He adored the trains. ADORED. He has a generic train at home but it just seems to frustrate him because they don't stay together very well...so a couple of days ago while were at Target, I turned down that half blue aisle. After staring at a wall of confusion I picked out a train for him...a Thomas character train. Not only was he enthralled with it throughout our lengthy Target trip (still in the package) but he came home and played with it endlessly. He has played with it a ton each day since. So...grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who have all asked me what to get Moses for Christmas...here is your answer. :) Just turn down that blue aisle and pick a train with your eyes closed. But please, no Thomas socks, under-roos, shirts, pj's, pencils, tp or any other sort of Thomas fanfare...Moses is all about the trains. :) Later this week I will show you the new train table that we made for him...
This week was national leaf give up week...you know where every leaf decides to drop to the ground at the same time...it's crazy how fast we went from enjoying pretty trees FULL of fall colored leaves to piles of leaves everywhere... Just the very tops of most of our trees still have the pretty colors...
And here is a peek at some of the new goodies going into the shop tomorrow...
This little guy is already there...

The WINNER this week of her very own custom cake is Heidi Ann
You can find her blog by clicking on her name above...she also has a fabulous Etsy shop...

Heidi Devlin Home. Heidi, just make sure you let me know you read this then contact Trish for your very own paper cake! :) Yay for Heidi!!:)

Come back next Friday for another amazing giveaway...sure to please if you have a child on your shopping list. And be sure to check back often...you just never know when the next fabulous SURPRISE giveaway will be...

And just a little p.s....that To-Do list is not for one day...but that's what I work with on a daily basis...I got a few of them done but a long way to go...in fact I thought of at least 10 more things to add after that post published. :)

My To-Do List...

let's see...where to begin...

choose nursery shade of yellow
fill in holes in nursery wall
paint nursery
buy two yards of this fabric to make curtains for nursery
make curtains for nursery
buy dresser for nursery
steam clean carpets
steam clean furniture
buy steam cleaner
buy a coat for this winter (q i do love that pea coat)
come up with $60 for pea coat. :)
make a custom order
make a custom order
make a custom order
get orders ready for the p.o.
go to p.o. office
throw away halloween pumpkins
decide on dinner
decide on dinner to bring to new mom friend
organize thanksgiving menu plan
think of fun centerpiece for thanksgiving
clean two bathrooms
get the grass cut
write some thank yous
make fun leaf sugar cookies (q are you coming to help?)
post some new items
make some new items
start christmas dvd
organize photos
make Christmas list
Christmas shop
catch up on email/convos
love on my son
love on my husband
convert old ottoman into train table
find a new book to read

want to come over? :)

Favorite Things Giveaway! Week Three-Daisys and Dots

Who's having a holiday party this year? Who wants to have the coolest little party favors to be found? Well you have come to the right giveaway!! Today's giveaway is sponsored by Trish of Daisy's and Dots!! :) If you win you will receive one of her fabulous paper cakes in a color combo of your choice!!! :)
Are these not the most fun party favors you have ever seen? Just fill them with some yummy candy or little treats and send them on home with your guests. :) They are sure to be a hit! :)
How fun would this be for Thanksgiving? Fill each one with something you are thankful for. :)
Her lovely shop is also chock full of fabulous items...like this super fun Christmas Advent cake. :) Bet you've never seen that anywhere else?
She also makes these fun little trees, and little houses, and fun aprons and all sorts of other fun paper goodies.
While you are at it (poking around in her shop that is) take a peek at her sweet blog...Daisys and Dots. Trish, in addition to having a fabulous shop and blog, is also a super awesome mom to two sweet little girlies. :)

So what do you do to win this week? Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite kind of cake...get a bonus entry for linking to a recipe. :) And go say hi to Trish! :) The winner is chosen on Monday!!

Good luck! xoxo
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