Welcome home Starbucks...

...welcome home. It's official. We are together again. Starbucks and I. We even have the doctors approval for our relationship (at least 24oz of it). We left the doctors office and went straight there. Ahhh...yes. I can heart mornings again. And yes, this new creation of mine is extremely simplistic but that is exactly how I wanted it to be. I love these little blocks and I made them with the hopes that some little one will love them some Jesus just a little more this Christmas. :)
So here is the ottoman that I was telling you about...it has seen better days but seemed a shame to just throw it out............lightbulb!! :)
We dismantled the top...came off pretty easily...
We cut and screwed and glued a new heavy duty top onto it...
We put trim around the edges so the goods won't roll off...
Then gave it a few thick coats of chalkboard paint...ta da! A fun new train/car/art table for Moses!! :) He loves it already, it's the perfect size for him and even has a drawer for storage. :) Now it just needs to move out of my kitchen and into his bedroom. :)

I plan on sending out an email later on tonight about the swap...if you want to participate there is still time...I hope to send out the email before 10ish tonight. :)

Hope your day is great!! :) xoxo

I swore I never would...

I swore that I would never give into a character craze. And technically I don't think I have...(and I will stand by that!) because I wanted to buy it for him. I still stand firm in my anti-"I have to have that because his/her/its face is on it" sort of craze. However, the last two play dates that Moses has had, have involved the children we went to visit having a Thomas the train table and lots of various Thomas trains. He adored the trains. ADORED. He has a generic train at home but it just seems to frustrate him because they don't stay together very well...so a couple of days ago while were at Target, I turned down that half blue aisle. After staring at a wall of confusion I picked out a train for him...a Thomas character train. Not only was he enthralled with it throughout our lengthy Target trip (still in the package) but he came home and played with it endlessly. He has played with it a ton each day since. So...grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who have all asked me what to get Moses for Christmas...here is your answer. :) Just turn down that blue aisle and pick a train with your eyes closed. But please, no Thomas socks, under-roos, shirts, pj's, pencils, tp or any other sort of Thomas fanfare...Moses is all about the trains. :) Later this week I will show you the new train table that we made for him...
This week was national leaf give up week...you know where every leaf decides to drop to the ground at the same time...it's crazy how fast we went from enjoying pretty trees FULL of fall colored leaves to piles of leaves everywhere... Just the very tops of most of our trees still have the pretty colors...
And here is a peek at some of the new goodies going into the shop tomorrow...
This little guy is already there...

The WINNER this week of her very own custom cake is Heidi Ann
You can find her blog by clicking on her name above...she also has a fabulous Etsy shop...

Heidi Devlin Home. Heidi, just make sure you let me know you read this then contact Trish for your very own paper cake! :) Yay for Heidi!!:)

Come back next Friday for another amazing giveaway...sure to please if you have a child on your shopping list. And be sure to check back often...you just never know when the next fabulous SURPRISE giveaway will be...

And just a little p.s....that To-Do list is not for one day...but that's what I work with on a daily basis...I got a few of them done but a long way to go...in fact I thought of at least 10 more things to add after that post published. :)

My To-Do List...

let's see...where to begin...

choose nursery shade of yellow
fill in holes in nursery wall
paint nursery
buy two yards of this fabric to make curtains for nursery
make curtains for nursery
buy dresser for nursery
steam clean carpets
steam clean furniture
buy steam cleaner
buy a coat for this winter (q i do love that pea coat)
come up with $60 for pea coat. :)
make a custom order
make a custom order
make a custom order
get orders ready for the p.o.
go to p.o. office
throw away halloween pumpkins
decide on dinner
decide on dinner to bring to new mom friend
organize thanksgiving menu plan
think of fun centerpiece for thanksgiving
clean two bathrooms
get the grass cut
write some thank yous
make fun leaf sugar cookies (q are you coming to help?)
post some new items
make some new items
start christmas dvd
organize photos
make Christmas list
Christmas shop
catch up on email/convos
love on my son
love on my husband
convert old ottoman into train table
find a new book to read

want to come over? :)

Favorite Things Giveaway! Week Three-Daisys and Dots

Who's having a holiday party this year? Who wants to have the coolest little party favors to be found? Well you have come to the right giveaway!! Today's giveaway is sponsored by Trish of Daisy's and Dots!! :) If you win you will receive one of her fabulous paper cakes in a color combo of your choice!!! :)
Are these not the most fun party favors you have ever seen? Just fill them with some yummy candy or little treats and send them on home with your guests. :) They are sure to be a hit! :)
How fun would this be for Thanksgiving? Fill each one with something you are thankful for. :)
Her lovely shop is also chock full of fabulous items...like this super fun Christmas Advent cake. :) Bet you've never seen that anywhere else?
She also makes these fun little trees, and little houses, and fun aprons and all sorts of other fun paper goodies.
While you are at it (poking around in her shop that is) take a peek at her sweet blog...Daisys and Dots. Trish, in addition to having a fabulous shop and blog, is also a super awesome mom to two sweet little girlies. :)

So what do you do to win this week? Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite kind of cake...get a bonus entry for linking to a recipe. :) And go say hi to Trish! :) The winner is chosen on Monday!!

Good luck! xoxo

Fun Stuff for the Holidays. :)

The winner is the gal who guessed Blue Christmas by Elvis!! I LOVE me some Elvis. :) You can go visit the winner at her blog Forever Folding Laundry. I would call her by name but she didn't give it out. :) So winner...please let me know you saw this and let Shelly know you won. :) So that is my all time favorite song...my all time favorite CDS are Barenaked for the Holidays by the Barenaked Ladies...they sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and the Elf Soundtrack. :)

One of my dear MOPS friends pointed me in the direction of these lovely red bird plates...that would just happen to match my winter dishes. (Yes, I have winter dishes...among others). These lovelies live at Pier One...feel free to send any unwanted Pier One gift cards my way... :) So this one isn't really a holiday goody exclusively...its a big brother/sister kit to have at the hospital when your first born meets his or her new little sibling for the first time...I am definitely doing this for Moses...how perfect would this be for a road trip too? Fill it up with little treats, toys, snacks and fun surprises. :) That's bound to buy you a few minutes of peace right?
I love a fun advent...how cute is this one? Those are all little baby socks filled with goodies for each day of the countdown...this is definitely an idea for Moses' first advent this year. :) All you need is some ribbon, socks and clothes pins...attach it to your mantle and you are all ready to count down to Christmas. :)
There is this one too...recycle gift boxes in various shapes and attach to the wall with poster putty...or something you know will come off. These would also be cute piled in a basket...don't forget the fun treats inside. :) All of the above three ideas were swiped from Martha Stewart...every once in a while she has a good idea that doesn't cost a bagillion dollars. :)

Hope your day is grand and your steps are light! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a fabulous Friday giveaway!! :)


Yay for you today...here is the first of many surprise giveaways...keep on the lookout, you never know when they will pop up. :) Today's giveaway is from Shelly at Lemon Tree Studio. :)
She has a fabulous selection of cards, tags, ornaments and gifts...with lots more holiday goodies on the way...she has ever so graciously offered up ALL three sets of the tags you see here. :)
YAY for you!! :)
She is also hosting a super fun Cupcake Card Challenge where you can enter your card creation to win TARGET GIFT CARDS!!! :) Visit her blog My Lily Eden for details. :)

So what can you do to win? Be the FIRST to guess my all time favorite Christmas song...here's a hint: It's a classic and not a new one...I am certain that everyone has heard it and I KNOW that everyone has heard of the artist. :) Leave your guess on THIS post...I will choose the winner tomorrow. :) (If no one guesses I will use the good old random number generator). :)

And thanks for all the comments on my fabulous new shoes! :) I got them at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports...there aren't a ton of locations but the Mary Janes are available online HERE.
The polka dot shoes don't appear to be on their website anymore but I did find them HERE...but for more than twice what I paid for them. :(

AND if you would like to offer something up for consideration for a surprise giveaway...give me a holler on Etsy if you haven't already. :)

Happy day to you!! Don't forget to guess that song AND sign up for the swap.

P.S. I had to come add this little p.s. this morning. I will admit that my heart is a little heavy after the election results but I am clinging to this...maybe it will help you too...we are called to PRAY for our leaders, whomever they are. Here is a site that has many scriptures all lined up for you...The Presidential Prayer Team. By praying we are reminded that the president is human too, Jesus LOVES him and he is in need of the grace and love of God as much as the rest of us. And no matter what...God is still on His throne and can use whomever He chooses to fulfill His plans.


What happens when it takes less than five minutes to vote?

So say you go to vote today and are definitely expecting a long wait. In my head I was prepared for an hour or more...at the least. And I had prepared myself for it...cookies, stickers, books, milk, snack, stroller, diapers, etc...all for Moses. I was expecting the worst. So was Doug. Between parking, getting out the stroller, loading up Moses, voting, coming back to the car, loading up Moses and pulling out of the parking lot...we were there for about five minutes. No joke. Pretty sweet. Doug and I had planned very little for the morning...so I say to him "Let's go work on our Christmas shopping". Which we did...very successfully. And then some. Doug found me some great clearance shoes (above). :) One pair was $60 OFF and the other was $30 off (Doug is the best to shop with--not only does he like it but he also finds the BEST deals). And they are ridiculously cute...which never happens if you have huge feet like me. :)
Then Doug showed me this fun bag..."Ooooo", I say, "There is even a place for a sippy cup"...the important stuff if your a mom. :) So I got that too. Would never have done it if Doug wasn't there...he is better at making me buy stuff for me than I am.

I chose to completely ignore the fact that I really NEED to buy a jacket for my ever growing tummy to fit into (I have already outgrown all that I own) (maybe it won't go below 70 this winter?) and a steam vac for the carpets and furniture (which my nesting is saying I HAVE to do before people come before Thanksgiving)...and a dresser...and a glider...sigh...

You can donate to that cause by going HERE. :) I'm off to get some sewing done to alleviate the guilt of making non needs purchases. :)


Who is up for it???!!?!?!?

Just when you thought this blog could not get any more fun...I have TWO super fun announcements for your Monday enjoyment! :)

The first is probably obvious from the photo above...I am hosting another SWAP!!! YAY! :)
Inspired by myself and some friends who have had some rough days lately I decided that the theme of this swap would be "Bad Day Survival Kit"! :) How fun does that sound?

So you want to play?
Here is what you do...
1) Fill in this questionnaire:
Favorite candy:
Favorite chocolate:
Favorite scent for candles/lotion:
If you ordered from the Starbucks menu what drink would you choose:
Favorite Magazine that you don't subscribe to:
Do you collect anything for the holidays: (For example I collect red birds)

2) Email the filled out form to me at ricracandpompoms at gmail.com (replace the at with @)

3) Wait for your partner assignment.

4) Make that "Bad Day Survival Kit" and ship it out to your partner. :) Plan on spending $20 or so not including shipping. This swap is limited to USA participants only (sorry). :)

Super easy and super fun, right? You have this week to sign up...I will assign partners next TUESDAY! :) Please only sign up if you really want to do it AND you will follow through...it stinks to send out a fun box and never get one.


I go SO SO many goodies offered up to me for the giveaways that in addition to the regular Friday giveaways, I will be doing spontaneous SuRpRiSe giveaways! These surprise giveaways will only be open for a day each so you have to check in often to enter...I will try to pick a winner of the fabulous goodies within 24hours of posting the announcement. :) Be sure to check in often because there will be one or more a week and you don't want to miss any of these super fun goodies!! : )

So basically my blog is the most fun to be this holiday season right? :)

I just posted a bunch of brand new Christmas cards in the shop...
Along with this nearly edible onesie...my own sweet bird design. :)

And the WINNER of the Lassie Girl item of choice is....(per the random number generator)
SARA of It's Good to Be Queen. :) She also has a sweet little Etsy shop called 2blondeboys!

Yay for Sara! Sara, just let me know that you read this and then contact LassieGirl to get started on your custom item. :)

Make sure you are ALL here for this Fridays giveaway...if you are hosting any kind of holiday party...you DON'T want to miss it...

and keep checking back...you never know when a surprise might pop up. :)

And sign up for the swap. :)

And I am done! :)

I almost didn't bother...

I won't lie.
It's been a rough week here.
I am ready for Moses to get better and back to his old self.
I can't take ANOTHER tantrum.
Over nothing.
Sick = over emotional toddler = over emotional +tired +cranky + unpleasant= mama.
(I am sure that makes perfect mathematical sense to you).
But for 30 minutes, he was enthralled at the task. Then he had a tantrum when we couldn't bring them inside.

Then my WONDERFUL husband came home this morning and gave me a warm breakfast sandwich and a latte...in bed.

I think I can survive one more tantrum. :)



Favorite Things Giveaways for the Holidays-Week Two-Lassie Girl

This weeks amazing freebie comes from Ashley at Lassie Girl! :0) They are a small cottage business that is passionate about what they do! They work VERY hard to bring quality and style together for functional AND FUN children's clothing.

Ashley has SO generously offered up ANY one item out of her shop...If you win then YOU choose the item and she will make it up just for you in the style and size that you need! :) How awesome is that?

And she has some amazing choices...get ready for a tough decision...
Super adorable pinnies...perfect for little girls of any age...LOVE these with tights OR with jeans...SO cute!!
Or these adorable lounge pants....*which I would totally wear if they came in my size*.

Or you can choose a batch of the most fabulous scraps that you will ever find on Etsy. You have heard me sing the praises of these before...LOVE THEM! :)
OR there are these adorable little skirts to choose from!! :)

All you have to do to enter this week is to go visit Lassie Girl, then come back and tell me your favorite thing about the shop. :) Make sure you comment on THIS post. :) The winner will be chosen on Monday!

Have fun and good luck! :) xoxo

Almost 23 weeks.

It's amazing how fast these things grow. :)

Come back tomorrow for a super awesome giveaway!! :)

Inexpensive peace of mind...

Meet Doggy. This is Moses' best friend in the whole wide world. He goes everywhere with us. Moses eats breakfast with him, they watch TV together, play together, sleep together, go for walks together...do everything together. For the last few months as I watched the bond grow between these two souls I began to worry about what would happen if we lost him...at the time chances were that if Doggy got especially lost then he would be gone for good. Then I got an idea. I hoped Moses would go for it...he doesn't tolerate much when it comes to messing with his Doggy. We went to Target and got Doggy a collar. Moses let him wear it. Good. We then went to a pet store and got one of those dog tags engraved with our phone number on it. We put it on the collar. Moses allowed it. Even better. Now we all breathe a little easier knowing that if we ever have one of those fateful days, Doggy just may find his way back to us. If this seems silly to you, then you don't have a toddler yet. Just wait. You will see.
Each and every day this sweet boy does something to amaze us (Above is how he spent most of Tuesday...in his pjs and rain boots). Monday at lunch Moses told us that he was "all done ears". Hmmm. Usually when he says all done, he means it. We went home and he napped, only to wake up inconsolable. Pointing at his ears, saying he had an ouchie. Doug and I got Moses a doctors appointment for that night and lo and behold, Moses had an ear infection. His first ever. And he told us about it. In fact this was only the 2nd time in his WHOLE life that he had to go to the doctors for a non-well baby visit.

What amazes us even more are all the things that God lined up so that we would take him...I had already rescheduled a photo shoot due to rain, Moses had to show/tell us his need, Monday is the only day that the doctors office is open late, the pharmacy was open until 9pm, Doug was off work...on and on. There is no such thing as a coincidence and Monday God reminded me that His hand is always on my life. :)

These sweet mittens are one of my favorite new creations for the shop...they each have a little pocket for hiding a little treat! :)
And here is my first kitten made from a pattern that I made! I just LOVE her sweet little face. :) Both of these fun goodies are in the shop now...

Speaking of the shop...of late I have had a mix of feeling in regards to it...I love it, I enjoy it but I don't know how to separate myself from it when I need to or know when I need to or if I need to. Some days I even think of closing it down completely. Other days I am SO thankful for the extra funds and sanity it brings into the house. Some days I love everything that is in it...others I feel like I should be mortified that I don't do better. Does that make sense?

Then I remember that I am pregnant and not legally liable for holding a rational thought.

So there is that. :) xoxo
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