A Christmas Gift to Make-How To Make a Tissue Cozy

These little cozies are perfect little stocking stuffers or teachers gifts or for your secret santa. :) This project is SUPER easy...I would rate it easy beginner.
1. Start with four rectangles of fabric of your choice, each measuring 5 3/4in by 4in.
2. Lay two of the pieces together, wrong sides together, putting the piece that you want facing OUT (this will be the bottom piece of the cozy) on top.
3. Take the other two pieces and fold them length wise. 4. Lay them on top of the two layered pieces, folded sides facing in. You can pin them together if you would like, I tend to be too lazy for that. :) 5. Sew all around the edges about 1/4in in from the sides.
5. Make sure that the two folded sides are flush with each other. 6. I like to trim around the edges to make it nice and neat. Then turn it inside out...or outside in.
7. Insert package of tissues. :) Voila! A fun and easy present. :)
Please note that I am not a pro...I am sure that there are fancy professional words that are supposed to be inserted here and there but that's just not how I roll. :) Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help. :)

Winner of the super awesome card design from Less Ordinary Designs is.....
MEG!! !:) (choosen at random by Doug). Meg has a handful of sweet kids and was just begging for one less thing to do this holiday season. :) If you didn't win you should do two things...
1. Go get Sara to design your Christmas cards anyway...you can't beat the deal and awesomeness she has to offer and 2. Come back next week to see the next amazing freebie I have to offer...if there is a little girl on your shopping list you DON'T want to miss it. :)

Question of the day...When do you allow yourself to start listening to Christmas music?
Me? November 1st!!! :)


I looked down at Moses during worship this morning at church, both of his little chubby toddler hands raised high in the air. Tears immediately sprung to my eyes.

"How cute?", I thought,"Too bad he has no idea what he is doing."

But how many times have I said that, only to be proven wrong?
Then I realized that I was witnessing the above scripture right in front of me.

It IS entirely possible that my 2 year old son is better at hearing the still small voice than I am AND obeying. Moses can most definitely just DO and not question, trusting that what he is being told is right. Now I am wondering, How can I be more like that?

How can you?

Favorite Things Giveaway! Week One-Less Ordinary Designs

This weeks Favorite Things Giveaway is from Sara of Less Ordinary Designs. :) Sara has so graciously offered up a $15 credit to her Etsy shop! Which means you can get your Christmas photo cards designed for FREE this year if you win!! Once she has designed your card for you, she emails you the file and you can get as many printed as you want...from wherever you want! Sara get high props from me because not only is she a working mom, she has her (super cute)son with her at work all day AND she has this super awesome design shop! That's a lot on a ladies plate, you know! She designed our Christmas card from last year(above), and will do this years too! :) She is super sweet to work with so even if you don't win this freebie I highly suggest you hire her on for your holiday cards! Where else will you get such fun and unique cards?...Walmart? Pshaw!

Sara will also work with you on color, style, wording, etc...she was super nice to me last year when I was picky about the shade of red in our cards. :)
Did I mention she has a blog too? I am a regular reader...go check her out!
She also does baby annoucements, birthday invites, save the date cards and SO much more!

So what DO you have to do to win this fabulous prize? Simply go to Sara's Blog or Shop, say hello and give her a nice compliment if you so desire. THEN come back here and tell me your favorite thing about Sara's blog or shop. :) Make sure you leave it on THIS post!

The winner will be drawn on Monday! :) Good Luck! xoxo

Things that make me happy today...

1. The fact that this morning before 8am I sent my "works overnight" husband a text message that says "I am testing your psychic abilities" and he comes home with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Add that to the fact that last weekend, when he was off work, the first thing he did was throw on a hoodie and a hat and went to Starbucks for me then too...and brought me home a fabulous new travel mug in addition to a yummy latte.
3. The fact that Moses likes to sit next to me a craft. That creation up there is all his doing. :) He loved pointing out the different shapes and was actually taking great care in arranging all of the different elements. :)

4. The fact that a couple times this week, Doug has gotten home from work while I was in the shower and took the initiative to not only get Moses out of bed and dressed but make and feed him breakfast too. Somehow that makes me feel tremendously loved. :) Thanks Honey!
5. I bought my first pack of newborn diapers yesterday. I almost cried when I took one out of the package and then again when I put it next to Moses'. Yes, I have already started buying diapers. When Moses was born we didn't have to buy diapers for the first 3-4 months of his life, we had that many stocked up.
6. I have a pile of things I LOVE ready to go in the shop.
7. I have a funky new bird bag that should be arriving at my doorstep any day now. :)
8. I am going to a mom makeover get together tonight...I don't wear makeup so this should be fun. :)
9. The amazing number of responses to my giveaway! I am certain that I have never received so many convos in one day! I have so many offers that I am not sure how I will use them all up...or if I will be able to at all. What I will say is that the items that will be given away on Fridays are AMAZING!!!! You will NOT want to miss some of the fabulously wonderful things that some of my favorite Etsy people have offered up for me to giveaway. Many of these items make me want to come up with a secret identity so I can win them myself! Seriously though, if you win any of the items I have lined up you will be able to check something or someone off of your holiday to do list. :) Be sure to come back tomorrow morning when the fun begins! :)

A Fun Announcement! :)

So I know that I am no Oprah, but I do have some favorites for the holidays!
Starting this Friday I plan on posting a giveaway a week for some things I think are really great...there is only one catch...I need YOUR help to pull it off! I already have a super fabulous giveaway planned for this Friday! :)

If you have shop, website or are generally crafty and want to donate a handmade item to give away then I need to talk to YOU! :) On the Friday that your item is given away I will do a write up all about you, showing people some of your fabulousness and sharing some of your most wonderful qualities. :) Just contact me via Etsy to let me know you are interested...and please understand if I am unable to use up all of the offers before the holidays. :)

This is a GREAT way to get some free advertising for your shop, blog or just to make yourself feel good. :)

Can't wait to hear from YOU! :) xoxo

Not Quite One and Not Quite the Other...

So. There are those who go all out for Halloween and those who run the other way with their fingers plugging their ears. We live somewhere in the middle of those two places. I guess I can't quite say that under no circumstances do we celebrate Halloween but I can say that we alter a lot what we choose to focus on as a family this time of year...For starters, here is an article on eHow that helps me explain my stance a little...go HERE for that. I think what makes us different from your average Halloween celebrator is that we refuse to indulge in anything creepy, scary, ghoulish, macabre, bloody, witchy, evil, devilsih, etc. In fact this is a general rule for our household...we don't watch scary movies, listen to unsavory music, watch crude TV, curse, etc. I go out of my way to make sure Moses sees/hears as little of that as possible..even if I have to go ten aisles out of my way in a store to avoid him seeing those creepy Halloween displays. We as a family, view our bodies as a dwelling place for Jesus...and we most certainly believe that what goes in will certainly come out sooner or later...and we aren't just talking food here. As for protecting Moses...the way I see it...a child is like a blank roll of paper...endless possibilities with which to fill him...why would I want to purpose myself to waste an inch of that paper filling it with ghoul and yuck, when I can fill it with light and Jesus? Have I lost you yet?
Now, please, please don't read any of this as a judgment on anyone who celebrates differently than we do...I am not and refuse to be a finger waving Christian who condemns people for celebrating Halloween...I have met those types and they scare me. It all comes down to this for me...everything I do, see, read, eat, touch, love, enjoy, take part in...I want to be for the good and glory of God. I fail all the time, believe me but I try with all my heart and I really want to be deserving of His forgiveness and mercy...though I know I can never truly earn it. Creepy, ghoulish type things just don't settle well with me...I can't fit it into God's glory. Does that make sense to ANYONE out there?
So you may be wondering, how do we celebrate Halloween then? Will we let our kids dress up? Yes, if they want to...in non-scary type costumes. Will we let them trick-or-treat? At the moment, most likely. Will we carve pumpkins? Yes. We will do all the usual things but I want to always be thinking of a way to infuse some light into them...here is a great pumpkin carving example: How carving a pumpkin is like being a Christian. We also hope to continue to learn and educate ourselves and our kids about the true origins of Halloween and learn about the martyrs that gave their lives for Jesus. We want to aim to reclaim the holiday for God's good. :)

Does any of that make sense to any of you? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject, whether you feel the same or not. :)

Blinded by love...

...for these stinkin' cute onesies that I made this past weekend...so blinded, in fact, that I have lost the ability to tell if they are as good and cute as I think they are or if maybe I am a little full of myself...I need some honest feedback from you lovely readers...I have listed a couple in the shop and would LOVE to hear what you think of them...because I am DYING to make a bunch more for the shop but I want to make sure they will actually sell...so let me have it. :)

We stayed pretty busy this weekend...in fact it is still pretty much the weekend for us here since Doug is off on Sundays and Mondays...and will still have a lot to do.

I started off yesterday wanting to get a start on the nursery...and ended up working all day on it...cleaning stuff out, going through stuff...filling the car with a load of stuff for Goodwill...Here is my progress so far...
I went from this....
to this.
My craft "room" is here now...
After I found new homes for all of this. :)
It was A LOT of work...and I still have a way to go.
Right now we are debating about this color scheme...
Or this one.
Either way (at the moment I am leaning towards brown/blue/orange) I REALLY want this glider from Babies R Us.

This is the one thing that I really wanted with Moses but never got...and since for this baby all we really need is a dresser...I am hoping we can somehow splurge on this item. :)

The winner of the Martha book is Melanie ( I would link to her if I could). Who was wondering about food inspiration and how I decide what to cook. :) I'll have to think on that post but I think that a kitchen/food post would be so fun! :) And P.S. Melanie...every recipe or food that I share IS easy to make and most are very simple! :) I hardly ever make/bake anything that takes up too much time. Just contact me via Etsy and let me know where to mail your book. :)

There were some other great ideas in there too so I have a few ideas brewing...one for example is why we don't really celebrate Halloween. :>0

So don't forget to leave me some feedback on the onesies. :) Have a fun day!!

Just call me Mayor (of cranky town that is).

So let's just say that I am not the nicest person to be around today...not sure what is up with me...besides raging hormones, rainy weather and a toddler who wants every second of my time today, on top of..oh about 100 things that I want to do today...other than those things, I have no idea why I am so cranky...especially when I have this adorable little boy (see above) to love and snuggle on. :) Yes, I am way blessed...way...in a way that I know I could never earn. But today is just one of those days where I want to leave the house (without a toddler or a husband) and piddle around wherever I want to go...actually LOOK at books at Barnes and Noble or peruse through the craft store...or cut my to-do list in half...or think of no one but myself for a few hours (is that bad?) but none of those are possible today...or ever really. :) Thus we have Mrs. Cranky Pants. Surely you have these days too...
Above is the photo evidence of one of the cutest things I have seen Moses do in the last few days...last night as I was making dinner, he was apparently near death with starvation and doing anything he could to push me along already...I look over to the dining room table and see him putting the place mats in place, all of his own doing...when he is done with that he comes to me and says "big boy chair?" which translates to "is dinner ready?". I tell him no and ask him if he wants to help, give him two forks and tell him (sure that it won't happen) to go put one at mommy's place and one at daddy's. He does this and comes back with the same question. Again I say no and give him two napkins to put at the table, and then the butter and the end result made my mommy heart smile...maybe his love language is acts of service?

And just in case you needed something to waste some time with...here is a fun new blog for you called Cake Wrecks.
And just for fun, I'll give away the Martha book that wasn't claimed from last weeks giveaway...all you have to do to get it is to leave an idea for a post you would like to see me do in the comments on this post! I'll choose the winner on Monday!

Here's to you having a non-cranky weekend! :) xoxo

Sing....sing a song...

So the title doesn't have everything to do with this post but it is the most sung song in our house at the moment...if you are Moses the words go like this: "siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing........soooooooooooonggggg.....
And it is usually not good enough for him to sing it alone...you have to sing along...in fact, I just overheard Moses singing it in his sleep. :) The other day, in other Moses is cute news, I found him walking around the house saying "Jesus, where are you?"...like he and Jesus were playing a game of hide and seek. :) How cute is that?
So the last couple of days Doug has been off and we have gotten a tremendous amount of things done around here...getting some bills lowered, cutting grass, laundry, cleaning, errands, doctors appointments, starting to get the nursery together and shredding. I have not shredded in months and months! So yesterday I spent a couple of chunks of time going through all of our paper work and making a huge pile to shred...then I shredded away...Moses loved it, if you can't tell from the photos above. :)
I also got all of these dollies finished up for the shop...they will be sprouting up in there all day today...
I finally taught myself how to make these sweet and fun little tissue cozies. :) Would anyone be interested in the worlds easiest tutorial?
And finally I have been wanting to make this frame for weeks...the idea has been floating around my head all this time and I finally got it done! It will be in the shop soon. :)

Ok, so I have another thought provoking question for you moms out there...and I want to hear your honest answers so you can post anonymously if you must (and I have not dropped the prayer requests, I just thought it might be better to do them sporadically)...anyway...if you have more than one child...Do you have a favorite child? And if so, how do you avoid letting that interfere with the care/love/attention/etc you give to the non favored child?

Let's hear it.... xoxo

Twig and Berries.

Yep, you read right...it's a BoOOooOooOOoOOOoY!!! And we could not be more thrilled! There was a collective sigh of relief from both Doug and I when we saw the goods. :) We both knew that Moses needed a brother and that we wanted another little boy. :) Girls are lovely and wonderful but this just feels SO right to both of us. :) Everything is perfect and lovely and just how it should be health wise as well. Thank you Jesus!
Here's the money shot...he's not shy! :)
Cute little profile...
And these are the bottoms of his cute little tootsies...this shot is for you Michelle. :)

So the winner...for saying boy is Linda! :) Go on over and visit Linda and say hello! Linda just contact me via Etsy and let me know which book you would like to have.

And to celebrate...everything in the shop is Buy One Get One 50% off...but only for the next 48hours...and you have to mention "It's a boy" in the note to seller and wait for a revised invoice! I'm not advertising this in the shop...it's just for you lovely blog readers!

I'm off to get some things done...I suddenly feel very motivated to do work! :)

What's in a day...

Our Friday so far...
Waiting to be sewed...
Two new girlies waiting for faces...

We'll leave out the un-fun stuff...like talking to insurance companies and trying to make the one understand that money saved is money saved and we'll have to go with the other guys...and the fact that Doug will be doing his job alone again soon...ugh.

But here is more fun stuff...
You can go here to see a Little Bit Funky Commercial!! How super fun is that? Be sure to listen until the end...(wink, wink). Thanks so much to Julie for doing this for me!! :)

And here is the giveaway this week...If you win this week you can choose from ONE of these fabulous books...The first one is Tag Sales and Flea Market Finds from Martha Stewart. The other is Sew Easy...which is full of fun and simple sewing projects. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post...in that comment tell me whether you think I am having a boy or a girl...I'll choose a name from the group who gets it right after we find out on MONDAY!

Have a happy weekend! xoxo
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